Modern Milkmaid Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair Romance - modern milkmaid braid hairstyle

A twist on a classic milkmaid braid, this loose version has a more modern feel and you can try it in your own hair with this tutorial.

Maybe it’s Rosalie’s gorgeous purple hair that makes it look so modern too. You might remember we wrote about how to DIY purple ombre hair with Rosalie.

I just had to shoot another hair tutorial with her long hair, and we have a few new hairstyle tutorials coming up soon that I can’t wait to share. This year I’m planning lots of new tutorials in different hair types so you’ll find lots of hairspiration on Hair Romance, no matter your hair type.

This modern milkmaid braid is a simple style that is perfect for long hair. All you need are two small clear hair elastics and a few bobby pins.

Hair Romance - the modern milkmaid braids hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - the modern milkmaid braids hairstyle

Modern Milkmaid Braids Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair Romance - modern milkmaid braids hairstyle tutorial


The tip to making this classic style look modern is to keep it a little loose and messy. 

Pay attention to where you pin the braids on top of your head. The traditional spot is right on top of your head, like a braided headband. I like to sweep them round and forward to pin them just on your hairline for a more modern look.

  1. Brush your hair back and make a centre part down your hair to separate it into two equal sections.
  2. Braid each side in a basic braid (plait). This is formed by splitting each side into three sections and crossing the left over the middle, then the right over the left. Keep repeating this until all your hair is braided and secure the end with a small clear hair elastic.
  3. Stretch your braids. To make your hair look thicker, pull gently at the sides of your braid to make it wider and emphasise the shape of your braid.
  4. Now bring the braid over the top of your head. Hold the base of your braid and angle the end of your braid around to follow your hairline. Pin in place with bobby pins.
  5. Repeat on the other side, bringing your braid over to join the first braid. Tuck the ends under the other braid and pin them together so they stay in place.

Hair Romance - modern milkmaid braids hairstyle

Hair Romance - modern milkmaid braid hair tutorial

This pretty braided hairstyle is so feminine and a little bohemian. I love pairing a pretty hairstyle with a vintage dress. Or instead mix it up and wear a braid with ripped jeans and a t-shirt on the weekend.

How would you wear these milkmaid braids?

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    • Hair Romance says

      She is STUNNING Smaggs! I love being able to play with her long hair as I can’t do this in my hair either x

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Gio! It’s so much fun playing with Rosalie’s hair while it’s this colour. It’s only semi-permanent so will wash out

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