Get cute hair in less than 1 minute – the flipped ponytail hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - the 1 minute flipped ponytail tutorial

Get cute hair in under one minute!

After last weeks’s intense high crown braid hairstyle tutorial, I thought I should share a hairstyle tutorial that’s quick and easy.

This flipped ponytail was inspired by my topsy tail ponytail tutorial that I pulled from the archives for my weekly email last week. What? You didn’t get my email? That’s ok, you can subscribe here.

Hair Romance - flipped ponytail tutorial

Now let’s flip your ponytail to create a new style in under one minute. The secret to this style is to pull it to the side. This stops it from looking too flight attendant circa 1992, and more cool, runway ponytail circa 2014 (as seen at Antonio Marras).

1 minute hairstyle tutorial – the flipped ponytail

Hair Romance - 1 minute flipped ponytail tutorial


  1. Gather your hair into a low side ponytail. Secure your hair with an elastic.
  2. Split the pony above the elastic to create a hole. If you have a topsy tail, your can use this tool instead.
  3. Flip your ponytail up and over your elastic. Push your ponytail through the hole above the elastic and pull it down.
  4. Tighten the ponytail. Push your elastic up and tighten the loop to form your flipped ponytail.

Now I think that took even less than 60 seconds!

Hair Romance - 1 min flipped ponytail tutorial

As a side note, the crazy colour in my hair was created with the new L’Oreal Professional hair chalk. I’ll have more on that coming up soon!

What’s your favourite twist on the ponytail? Or what’s your best one minute hairstyle?


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  1. Ingrid says

    Awesome post!

    I like to do three flipped ponytails – at the top, middle and bottom – straight down in a row. (hope that makes sense… =P )

  2. Mary Anne says

    Awesome, thanks! I never think to do a side pony, and I don’t use my topsy tail anymore, because as you said, it was “too flight attendant circa 1992″ hahaha! I usually think outside the box, but I missed the boat on this one. Thanks for the reminder! I love your hair style tutorials!

  3. says

    Thanks for sharing Christina. You are SO clever when it comes to hair and making it look pretty. It is a real talent to know how to style hair and it’s wonderful to have healthy, easy-to-style hair. I still remember the topsy-tail which used to create this look but you have put them well and tuly out of business now! :-)

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