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Anna Kendrick - ponytail and braids

Love this braided twist on your everyday ponytail that Anna Kendricks is wearing. Find the how-to tips for this hairstyle on Popsugar.

Are you getting your beauty sleep? I loved this interview with Arianna Huffington who insists you get more sleep. You can find out what time to go to bed with the sleep calculator.

Want that perfect “no makeup” makeup? Wayne Chick shares her tips on Carla Coulson’s gorgeous blog.

Lipstick & Cake shares her top 10 eyeshadow palettes. I am kind of hopeless with eyeshadow and only ever use my Naked 2 palette but this is making me want to try more.

Illamasqua’s new Glamore collections looks fab, and loving The Plastics Diaries’ Glamore FOTD

Naturally curly hair can shrink by up to 90%! Check out these amazing before and after photos.

What a gorgeous idea by Cheryl from BusiChic to have a photoshoot with your girls on your hen’s night.

5 fitness apps you need.

This dress is on my wish list, should I add to cart?

How cute would this bag be with this striped dress?

What else I got up to last week.

I aspire to this list of the 7 habits of truly charming people.

What have you been reading / loving  this week?

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