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Gorgeous fishtail braid tutorial

I’ve had the best week. I got to explore the Sunshine Coast in Queensland on a work trip with my agency and Tourism Queensland. The first day of winter was spent on the beach in Noosa which is just how I like my winters. I’m really not made for cold weather.

Then it was straight back to Sydney for Hair Expo – the largest hair trade fair and exhibition in Australia. Stay tuned for my hair trend report next week.

On Mr & Mrs Romance, here’s what we got up to the week before including visiting Vivid Sydney.

How to make the most of your iPhone 5 camera.

Love the fishtail braid above? Click here for the full tutorial.

Some of the craziest red carpet hair I’ve ever seen on Refinery29.

Fashion week hair trends from Baubles Bubbles & Bags that you can actually wear.

I can’t stop wearing this jumper and my new hat.

Still obsessed with jumpsuits. I never thought I could wear them but they are my new favourite thing to wear. I’ve got my eye on this playsuit and this jumpsuit.

The Beauty Department shares a secret to making braid stand out in dark hair and it’s one of my fave tricks too.

This sweet half up hairstyle was inspired by Disney’s Maleficient.

And I want to eat this cookie dessert.

What have you been reading / wearing / loving this week?

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  1. Vanessa says

    I love that braid! My arms turn to jelly long before I can finish though LOL And thats if I don’t get it all messed up and tangled beforehand……

    • Hair Romance says

      oh I know what you mean Vanessa! I think the fishtail is one of the easiest braids to do but it takes aaaaages

  2. Nadege says

    That playsuit and jumpsuit are super cute. I’m building quite a collection of playsuits for spring + summer.

  3. says

    Oh man, seeing that fishtail makes me miss my long hair. I just cut off about 12inches to donate and now all I can do is pull it back into a tiny nob pony tail :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Congrats on donating your hair – that’s an amazing thing to do! I’ve been meaning to do some short hair tutorials, will find a friend to practice on :)

  4. says

    Man I miss my longer hair, miss doing braids! On the plus side, I don’t really have to think too much when I get ready each day 😉 Thanks for including my post! Hope to see you soon.

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