90s inspired hairstyle tutorial – the half up hair knot

Hair Romance - 90s half up knot bun hairstyle tutorial

Looking for a simple and casual updo? This half up knot bun is super quick and easy to do.

Are you into normcore?

My friend Rosalie has a minor (major) obsession with this 90s trend.

We were talking about doing some hair tutorials inspired by normcore hair and our favourite 90s hairstyles. It was heaps of fun reminiscing about hairstyles we used to wear to school.

This half up hair knot is one of the more wearable styles. We have some funnier styles to share later this week.

Hope you try this fun and easy half up hairstyle. You can find the full tutorial below.

Hair Romance - 90s half up knot hair tutorial

90s inspired hairstyle tutorial – the half up hair knot

Hair Romance - 90s half up hair knot hairstyle tutorial

You’ll need:

  • A hair elastic
  • Bobby pins


  1. Separate the top section of your hair, from above your ears level.
  2. Use a hair elastic to tie this top section.
  3. Create a loop. Instead of pulling it all the way through, only pull part through to create a loop. Leave the end of your hair hanging below.
  4. Flip the ends of your knot around. Take the ends of your hair from the loop and curve them over your hair elastic. Pin in place with bobby pins.

Hair Romance - 90s half up knot hairstyle tutorial

Hair Romance - 90s half up knot hairstyle

Styling tips

  • Use a strong hair elastic – to keep the knot sitting high you’ll need a strong hair elastic.
  • To add in extra texture to your hair, use some dry shampoo in the midlengths and ends of your hair.

Hair Romance - 90s halfup knot hair tutorial

Come back for more 90s styles together that I’ll be posting this week. I shot these before my friend left to go travelling and move home to Montreal. Miss you Rose!

What was your favourite 90s hairstyle?

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