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Hair Romance Book Cover

I’m so excited to announce that my book, Hair Romance, has just been released in Australia and New Zealand!

You might remember that last year my book, Braids, Buns & Twists, was released in the US. At the same time it was released in the UK as The Hairstyle Directory. This is the same book but just with a fresh new title and cover.

Hair Romance - Buns Braids and Twists - Hairstyle DIrectory

I think this might be my favourite cover design of them all too. I love the new look and it’s an amazing feeling to see your name on the front of a book. It feels surreal to remember all the hard work that went into creating it and all the wonderful people that helped me to finish it to a very tight deadline.

Inside my book you’ll find 82 hairstyle tutorials to suit everyone from beginners to the more advanced. I hope they’ll inspire you to try something new with your hair. It’s also a great gift for your friend, sister, mum or daughter.

Hair Romance the book is now on sale in Australia and New Zealand. You can find it at Big W, Dymocks and your local bookstore. You can also order it online from Booktopia or Angus & Robertson.

For my lovely US readers, Buns Braids and Twists is still available from Chronicle BooksAmazon or check your local bookstores.

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  1. Averil says

    My favourite up do at the moment is a braid- I start on one side and braid it across the back and finish with a side plait. Every time I do it my 3 year old daughter asks for the same hairdo, she calls it my ‘Elsa braid’! So a couple of days a week we are getting around with matching mum/ daughter hair! I’m enjoying it while it lasts, it won’t be long before she’ll be too embarrassed to look like me!

    • Danielle says

      An updo that has worked well for me in recent months is this: I braid my hair (it’s almost to the middle of my back) and then I twist the braid to form a little bun atop my head (not the very top. Let’s just say at the back of my head). Hold in place with bobby pins and twist pins. Classy, nearly effortless and “stunning to the night as day”, as a co-worker described. Works for me!

  2. says

    Right now my go-to updo is still a high bun. I was a ballet dancer for 14 years, so I suppose old habits die hard. It’s just so easy to take a bad hair day and twist it up into something fabulous!

  3. says

    I am absolutely addicted to braids. I learned how to braids my hair when your 30 days of braids ebook came out and can’t get enough! I have been doing a “Katniss braid” a lot lately because my hair is finally long enough, yay! Can’t wait to have a copy of your new book.

  4. SuzieE says

    I love wearing my hair up in a loose bun, I like to let some of hair fall loosely on the sides and sometimes I will tuck in a fresh flower like a daisy. I always feel romantic when I have a flower in my hair.

  5. Lena says

    I love to do a diagonal French braid. My hair is fine and a but thin with a tendency to fall out around my ears. This style holds really well as well as looking elegant.

  6. Amanda Appleby says

    I have short hair (bob) but my favourite way to wear my hair is by braiding the front so that it is out of my eyes and away from my face for the day while still looking stylish. Congrats on the book!

  7. Victoria Davis says

    A really quirky go-to style I create is the pigtail braids with a twist. And the twist is, one side I do as an upside down braid finishing it in a mini messy bun. The other side is a normal braid also finishing in a bun. I have medium length hair, and this works great!

  8. Fleur says

    I love a low twisted bun or 3 little buns depending on how long I’ve got! So quick and easy and really good for wet hair yet looks good and not like you’ve been rushing. Also brilliant for summer when I want to keep my thick hair away from my neck yet still be able to wear a hat (gotta stay sun safe) and I’ve got my own built in evaporative air conditioning!

  9. Louise says

    Well I just had my hair cut into a bob because I look “fierce” apparently with it this way. I still have my daughters (Miss 8) long hair to do and her favourite way at the moment is 2 side plaits. Her second favourite would have to be her ‘cheer’ hair. This is where she has to have a quiff and a high teased & curled ponytail. Yep this style can take me an hour to do.

  10. Tasz says

    My fave up-do is still a pont tail because I really really need this book!! I have recently tried a few of your simple braids but I have a bit of a way to go! Thanks for the simple instructions so far though-my daughter always says they look pretty even though I’m no expert yet! :-) well done on the book :-)

  11. Elselynn says

    I work in a bookshop and was so excited to find your book in store this morning! One copy is coming home with me…

  12. says

    I love anything to do with fishtail braids. Your tips about how practice makes perfect meant now I can quickly whip up a braidy hairstyle (inspired by your blog!) to tame the frizz of my sometimes unruly curls :)
    Casey recently posted..1004My Profile

  13. Megan McCormick says

    I am a mum of two little girls – and absolutely clueless when it comes to hair. My girls and myself are “blessed” with a mane of fine, wavy but plentiful hair – prone to frizz and craziness.

    I desperately need some guidance on “do’s” that will allow my girls to look cool and control their hair – and I could definitely use some ideas to tame my unruly mane.

    My go-to style is a high pony tail – with a quiff for myself or a plait at the front for the girls. My creativity is underwelming LOL.

  14. says

    I have just flicked through my besties copy of this book and I love it. I currently have a super short crop after 5 months of chemo so I live through my 11 year olds long gorgeous hair until mine is long enough to do something with. I love a simple top knot on my daughter and cant wait to try out spme new braids on her

  15. Frances says

    My favourite updo is the inside-out crown braid. I’ve got long, curly hair so braiding it this way keeps it out of my face. It looks effortlessly chic and dresses up any outfit — sometimes I add scarves or clips for another pop of colour. It’s also practical and easy to do. It’s perfect if I haven’t washed my hair but want to look nice!

  16. angie canary says

    I like to make a deep side part, them braid my hair in 2-5 fishtail braids, stretch them for volume, then form them into a spiral-shaped bun.

  17. Heidi Berg Frederiksen says

    I have started to get interested in hairstyles since I was a dancer as young. Got my daugther with long hair and I searched for tutorials. I found hairromance and it helped me get started. I bought the tutorial material of Hair romance. Really good. I’ll like the book to be better and of cause be able to set my daugthers young hair and her teenage friends..So nice!

  18. Wendy Webster says

    Having curly hair is great cause it doesn’t have to be neat & perfect…
    So I either leave mine out & let the curls rule my day, or I’ll tie it up into a messy bun up top… Plain & boring I know but when it comes to hair styles I have a mind blank…

  19. Allison Wilson says

    After fighting my curls my entire life, I’ve just started to surrender to them. I’m 46. And you know what? I’m looking about 15 years younger. Who’d have thought that? Love this blog – thanks for all the help as I adjust to the new look.

  20. Liz Stern says

    My latest fav hairstyle is the half up/half down – so many ways to change it up! Thanks for your books – I just got 2 of them yesterday and plan to try each and every style!

  21. Rosie Anderson says

    I spent most of my life hating my fine, dead straight hair with quite a cow lick on my forehead area. Probably had something to do with constantly being told how horrible it was and I needed to keep it short and permed (I’m in my 50’s). I have a story or two to tell there :-/ Anyway I’ve come to appreciate my hair, though thicker would be nice. I can’t remember how I come across Hair Romance but I’m glad I did, it has inspired me immensely. I like to wear my hair up in what I consider a feminine look, produced by a semi messy bun (small and flat it is) held into place with an ibis clip, with a few stray pieces that naturally fall out and soften my face and neck. It’s very quick and easy and no ties breaking my hair.

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