Big Hair Friday – Ponytails

The Beauty Department - big hair ponytail

Happy Big Hair Friday!

This has to be one of the biggest ponytails I’ve ever seen!

Lucy Hale’s hair looks amazing, as spotted on The Beauty Department’s Instagram account. I’m hoping they’ll do a tutorial soon but I’d still need extensions to get my ponytail to look this big.

UPDATE: You can find the gorgeous tutorial for this ponytail here!

How big can you get your ponytail? Is it Big Hair Friday worthy?

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    • Hair Romance says

      Hi August, is that the lace braided ponytail? Looks great and I can definitely shoot a tutorial for that. You section off the front of your hair for the braid . A lace braid is like a French braid but you only add in hair from one side. In this case it’s from the hairline side. You tease your hair at the crown (and probably use some volumising powder) to get a big ponytail and then wrap the braid around it x

      • August says

        That’s the one. I’ve tried it, but I could get the lace braid to sit in the right spot. I really enjoy your site. I’ve been reading for a few years and have one of your books.

        • Hair Romance says

          Thanks so much August! I think the trick to getting the braid right is to angle it back towards your ponytail (which can be tricky to do in your own hair – that’s why they have someone else doing this style). Let me have a try and see if I can figure out a way to do it 😉

  1. JMM says

    I need the tutorial! I have enough hair to probably do this easily, but my problem becomes my hair is so heavy, I get a headache from the ponytail. How do you secure it so it doesn’t hurt?

    • Hair Romance says

      I’ve just updated it with a link to the tutorial :) Sorry I don;t have any solutions for the headaches. That used to happen to me and I just got a haircut x

  2. Elizabeth says

    I feel like there’s a trick to this one…like maybe a small donut in the middle with most hair left outside and teased/styled around it maybe?

  3. says

    This style isn’t that hard. Just use a volumizing product in your hair before you blow dry it and tease it up big. If you have problems, the next time you have your hair trimmed, have your stylist show you how to do it.

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