30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles – The Hair Romance eBook

Join thousands of women who are doing the Twist & Pin.

With over 30 days of hairstyle inspiration, you’ll learn easy everyday hairstyles and more intricate formal upstyles in this ebook.

There are step-by-step photos of every hairstyle plus tips and tricks to style your own hair at home.

This book costs $14.95, so when it saves you one trip to the hairdresser, it’s already paid for itself by a factor of 10.

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Here’s what readers have to say about the Hair Romance 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles ebook:

I bought this e-book and will worship every page and penny spent on it! This is exactly what I’ve needed for my hair. I followed the 30 day challenge, but couldn’t figure out how to do any of the hairstyles myself. After reading through the e-book I came to realize how easy the styles really are! I’m definitely going to try each and every single one out! Thank you so much! – Kate

So fabulous. I’ve just got my copy. I have mastered 1 of your styles now I have 30 to go. Can’t wait to try. You have done an AMAZING job at this , its been quite something to follow. Will post on my blog if I have any more styling success….. wish my un-co self luck!! Thank you xx Just bought a copy of the ebook, and i gotta agree with all the other comments. Its amazing! Im useless at hair but after trying a couple of the styles, they look great. Thank you!! – Julie

I found your website 1 week ago and loved it. Now, I just bought my copy of your ebook – it’s great! My hair is neither sleek, nor curly, but kind of crazy wavy. With your tips and tutorials I finally managed to tame them. Thank you so much!
Lots of love from the other side of the world! – Jana

You are so talented! Thank you for sharing! I own a women’s fitness center in the US and am ever trying to find options other than a ponytail to keep my hair back but cute. This is so very perfect. So many of your styles are so simple yet so elegant, too… love that. Many, many thanks! – Christie

I just got your e-book! It’s fantastic, I have already tried one look (the twist and pin type) and looked lovely! Thank you for putting together so many lovely styles and easy instructions! – L

Want a preview of what’s inside?

The 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles is an eBook that you can download as a PDF file and read on your computer, phone, iPad or tablet.

Each of the 30 days’ hairstyles is demonstrated with step-by-step pictures, plus clear written instructions and variations for different hair lengths and textures.

Along with the 30 Twist & Pin hairstyles there are 5 bonus hairstyles to further inspire you to get out of your ponytail rut.

This book contains over 75 pages of hair-spiration that will fix any bad hair day. Get your copy by clicking the button below.

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Once purchased, you will receive two emails from Hair Romance with your receipt and your unique download link for the 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles ebook. Check your spam folder if you don’t receive them right away. You can always contact Christina – thehair @ hairromance.com should you have any queries.

Start Twisting & Pinning your way to great hair!

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