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Short Cut Saturday – Marion Cotillard shows you how versatile a bob can be


Last week I stated that short hair is more versatile than long hair. My first argument was that you can play around with colour more often and more easily in short hair, making it more fun.

This week I build my case for short hair versatility with the example of the gorgeous Marion Cotillard.

If you’ve ever wondered, what can I do with a chin length bob? Here are some ideas:



I think this may put Marion Cotillard in the running for hair idol, offering fabulous short hair inspiration. I love the middle photo the most, but it could be because of the photograph itself and her relaxed expression. All the hair is fab.

Which is your favourite look?

Who has influenced your hair?

Ok, Disney did a survey of British hairdressers to find the top 10 most influential hairstyles. Not surprising Ariel made it into the top 10 (and maybe it’s not wrong with Blake Lively having a very Ariel moment debuting her latest red hair). Top of the list is Audrey Hepburn and her Breakfast at Tiffany’s French roll, with hairdressers saying this is the most requested look. 
Also on the list are Marilyn, Twiggy, “The Rachel”, Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole.  Head here for thearticle but it got me thinking, who has influenced my hair the most?
I remember in high school watching Brigitte Bardot and Jane Fonda in their early movies from the 60s and swooning over their enormous hair. That’s where my love of big hair began.
I have had so many hairstyles and colours. I love changing my hair, the way it changes your whole look is why I love hair so much. I almost cut my hair again with the swathe of stars sporting gorgeous pixie cuts. Michelle Williams was my favourite.
Gwen Stefani is a major hair idol of mine. I have no idea how she keeps her platinum hair in such great condition. It’s a special hair quest I need to follow and find the miracle answer. Also, how can she appear in public so frequently and yet never have any regrowth? Her hair is a phenomenon. 
For my hairstyles I’m often inspired by hairdressers themselves and the crazy editorial looks they create for catwalks and shoots. I try to recreate them in a way that is easy and wearable. 
I would love to know whose hair has influenced your hair the most? What’s your favourite hairstyle? Whose hair would you swap yours for? Who is your hair idol?
Images from SMH

Blake Lively has red hair!

While we were enjoying a 5 day long weekend here in Australia, Blake Lively has made hair headlines.
Blake Lively has red hair.
Blake is one of my esteemed hair idols and I didn’t see this coming. She was the queen of blonde beachy hair but I like the red. Shame she’s standing next to that red wall as it’s hard to judge the colour from these photos.
Note the perfectly toned eyebrow – often forgotten when changing hair colour but key to your new look. You should either dye your eyebrows or update your eyebrow makeup to match your new hair colour.
Blake was named one of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. Is she influencing you to reconsider red hair?
Rumours are already starting about if this is for a movie role and polls are springing up so I’m asking too – which do you prefer Blake the Blonde or the Redhead? And is this really red or just strawberry blonde?

How to wear a headscarf like Blake Lively – extra tip

When I added Blake Lively to my list of Hair Idols my friend loved the headscarf and asked how to do it. So I posted a how-to on this Gossip Girl hairstyle here.

Then Eliza asked a question in the comments about how I hide the pin at the back.

My best tip for pinning hair is to try and weave the pin through you hair, catching the section you want to pin and the hair underneath. If you try for too much hair it always falls out, but weaving the pin through smaller sections twice makes for a secure bobby pin.

Looking at these photos now I’m not sure if they really explain how I put the pin in (as it’s hidden underneath) but think about weaving the pin through and I hope it works in your hair.

I have a blogging challenge in mind that I hope will have you all Twisting & Pinning. Stay tuned…

Do you have any hair questions? Drop me a comment or email [email protected]

Gwen Stefani – leading the field in the twist and pin stakes

It seems everybody is talking about twist and pin styles on the web!

I have professed my love for Gwen Stefani and her amazing hair before and now even she is in on the twisting and pinning.

She looks fabulous once again and still has no regrowth. God she has miracle hair. Gwen, please share your secrets!!! She must get her hair coloured every week.

Anyway, Gwen is rocking the sleek twist and pin as seen in my earlier post.

Sigh, girlcrush

Two ways to try this:

  • Style it wet and let it dry in place.
  • Blow dry and iron and then pin in place.


It almost looks like she has used a gel spray or something similar before starting to twist. I wouldn’t recommend this for long thick hair without professional assistance. Shoulder length hair is perfect and if you work carefully on each side from front to meet at the back you can pull this polished look off at home.

Product tips:

I would use a serum to begin with so you hair stick together better and stays smooth while you are styling it. Then finish with hairspray so it stays solid all night long.

Just another reason Gwen retains her place amongst the Hair Idols. Who else do you think belongs in the Hair Idol Hall of Fame?

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