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Hair Romance’s first birthday!

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?

Last Tuesday was the anniversary of Hair Romance’s first post and what a year it has been!

When I started Hair Romance my goal was to share tips on how I styled my hair, and hopefully encourage someone to try something different with their hair. This is still my goal and I am so excited every time I read your comments and emails about how you are having fun with your hair.

I have had such an exciting time over the last year and Hair Romance has become something bigger than I ever imagined. I remember receiving my first comment (and it wasn’t from somebody I knew!) and still can’t believe how many of you are visiting so often. Reaching one million hits at the end of June was mind-blowing and now it’s over two million!

This year I attended RAFW and Hair Expo and I have met some amazing people, both on- and off-line. I was beyond excited and so proud to be named as one of the top five beauty blogs in the very first beauty link post on Vogue Australia.

My challenge of styling 30 hairstyles in 30 days was my biggest achievement and then releasing it as an ebook was huge. Thank you to all of you who have bought a copy, it means so much to me and I hope it’s helping you to have fun with your hair and try something new.

Thank you all so much for making it such a fantastic first year for Hair Romance!

Christina xxx

Image by Luis Monteiro

Hair Romance TV

Well I finally made my first YouTube video!

I was prompted by my guest post for Cheri at I Am Momma Hear Me Roar last week as part of Hair Week and I filmed this on a glorious sunny day last week, just me and my tripod.

It’s shot on my DSLR and it’s the first video I have shot. I had to look up my manual to find out how to shoot video!

This is the Twist & Pin, which was Day 29 of my 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days Challenge, which is now available as a fabulous ebook here.

Anyway, making the video wasn’t as hard as I thought so there will be more to come. I’d love to know your thoughts on the video, and what I can do to improve it. What other things would you like to see on Hair Romance TV?

Five ways to take your ponytail from everyday to runway

Today I’m guest posting over on Fox in Flats, a fabulous blog all about navigating motherhood in style.

As soon as our hair is long enough, we all wear our hair in a ponytail so head over to Fox in Flats to read my ponytail style guide.

Hello if you’ve come over from Fox in Flats and welcome to Hair Romance! Hope you stay to have a look around, you may want to look up some hair style advice, watch some Hair Romance TV or read about my 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days challenge.

Thanks to Andrea at Fox in Flats for having me!

Cloud Nine The Wand Review

I was so eager to review The Wand from the fabulous Cloud Nine when I heard rumours about it last year. I had a sneaky peek at Headcase Hair and couldn’t wait to share it with you. However with the craziness of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week and my 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles and now the Hair Romance ebook I got a little distracted.

Danae with The Wand backstage at Alice McCall at RAFW

Finally I made it back to Headcase Hair in Paddington to see the lovely Danae again and for her to teach me the magic of The Wand.

First up, I have to make a confession – I can’t use a straightening iron to create curls in my hair. I know I know – I’m all about the hair, I should know but I missed that lesson. I owned my ghds when they first came out and it was all about poker straight locks. I was addicted and fried my hair so badly I had to go cold turkey on the irons to save my hair. I gave my ghd away and embraced my natural curls.

That was until I found Cloud Nine irons. I reviewed their irons earlier this year and have been enjoying straight locks ever since but without the smell of burning hair. Cloud Nine are all about less heat and more style, which is great news for all hair types.

Even better news for your hair is The Wand.

This conical curling wand is so easy to use and can create all sizes of curl from tight ringlets to loose beachy waves. Here’s my hair after being touched by the magic Wand.

The surface of The Wand contains Korean rock mineral that is unique to Cloud Nine and imparts so much shine to your hair. It’s the most powerful wand on the market so it’s quick and easy in thick or long hair. The adjustable heat settings mean it also won’t overcook fine hair too.

I have attempted curls with the irons in others hair but can never get it right in my own hair. The problem with curling with your straightening iron is that if you get it wrong you can’t easily redo that section. You need to wet the hair or use product in order to reshape the curl. With The Wand you can easily touch up curls or completely reshape them. Plus the conical shape means you won’t end up with kinky or crooked curls.

Danae also says The Wand is great for curly hair too, as you can just touch up sections to create more uniform curls. I love this as my curls are never created equal. With The Wand the finish is natural and matches my real curls.

To create soft beachy waves you just take large sections of hair and wrap them around The Wand. It couldn’t be any easier.

If your hair is fine or very straight, you may want to clip up the curls while they cool so they keep their shape. Read more tips for keeping curls in fine hair here and remember to always use a heat protectant when heat styling your hair.

Did I mention the hilarious two-fingered glove it comes with to protect your fingers as your style? Very Michael Jackson.

Hot glove to save your fingers when styling

Finally I can create those soft curls and waves in my hair. The Wand saves me time as it’s so quick and powerful and it’s so easy to use.

Hair Romance verdict: Love it.

Cloud Nine is only available in salons so call 1300 C9hair in Australia to find your closest stockist or go to

All images by Hair Romance 

30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles – Day 2

loose side french twist hairstyle hero web

The Hair Romance Challenge continues…

Day 2 – Loose side French twist

Want to learn how to do this hairstyle? Check out my ebook 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles! It gives you over 75 pages of detailed instructions and how-to pictures, tips, tricks, techniques and cheats for a different hairstyle every day.

You can get your copy right here by clicking the button below. It will take you through to a secure PayPal screen for you to instantly download your copy!

You don’t need an e-reader or a Kindle to read this book. It will download to your computer as a PDF file that you can print out and keep handy or, of course, you can save it to your tablet or phone so you can be a Hair Romantic anywhere you go!

If you want to see some of the other styles featured in my ebook, take a look at some of the other 30 Days of Twist & Pin.

Have you seen my other 30 Day Hairstyle Challenge? After completing 30 Days of Twist & Pin, I took up the gauntlet again and completed 30 Days of Braids. Take a look at some of the styles from the Braid Challenge here.

At Hair Romance we want you to love your hair. You wear it every day, so wear it well.

How to wear a headscarf like Blake Lively – extra tip

When I added Blake Lively to my list of Hair Idols my friend loved the headscarf and asked how to do it. So I posted a how-to on this Gossip Girl hairstyle here.

Then Eliza asked a question in the comments about how I hide the pin at the back.

My best tip for pinning hair is to try and weave the pin through you hair, catching the section you want to pin and the hair underneath. If you try for too much hair it always falls out, but weaving the pin through smaller sections twice makes for a secure bobby pin.

Looking at these photos now I’m not sure if they really explain how I put the pin in (as it’s hidden underneath) but think about weaving the pin through and I hope it works in your hair.

I have a blogging challenge in mind that I hope will have you all Twisting & Pinning. Stay tuned…

Do you have any hair questions? Drop me a comment or email [email protected]