How to hide your fringe – cute summer hairstyle

Dannii Minogue is at the Australian Open tennis and is wearing a very cute braid here that’s the perfect hairstyle for hiding your fringe (what Australians call ‘bangs’).

Take note if your hair is prone to frizz or you are growing out your fringe, this is a great summer hairstyle.


  • Part your hair to the side
  • Starting at the part take the top section of hair and braid bringing in small sections along the hairline as you go
  • Pin the end of the plait in place with a hairpin and you’re done!
  • This is super cute and super easy. I’m going to pull this one out for a bbq at the beach tomorrow. After I go for a swim tomorrow as my hair turns into a frizz bomb but this will work a treat.

    Do you have any tips for beach hair? Have you had to grow out a fringe? What worked for you?

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