French roll twist and pin how to

French rolls were a huge trend on the red carpet so far this season and here’s a twist & pin version I’ve been wearing for a while.

I love this hairstyle for when I don’t have time to blowdry my hair. It’s easy to do in wet hair and means my hair dries smoothly with a nice wave through it. This is another fabulous hairstyle for after the gym in the morning as a great work hairstyle.

This is my third day hair after a brilliant style by the Follicle Oracle so this is also great hairstyle to hide the kinks and get another wear out of your straight hair.

  • Starting with wet hair? Run some Moroccan Oil through your hair from midlenths to your ends.
  • If your hair is a little dry you may want to use a serum to smooth down any flyaways.

Step by step

  1. Pin back your fringe, or the front section of your hair. I like a little bit of height but not too much of a bump.
  2. Taking a section from each side of your hairline and bring together into a twist at the back of your head.
  3. Twist the section around your finger and pin into a small bun
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until all your hair is twisted and pinned into a line.

Today I did four twists but that’s the beauty of the Twist & Pin, there are endless variations. Try up to seven twists for this style.

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  1. Kat says

    I'm wearing my hair like this today! Although I only have 2 twists because I am running out of bobby pins, and one twist is much larger than the other, but I'll get there eventually :)

  2. Hair Romance says

    Yay Kat! So pleased you tried it.

    I'm wearing it today too. I didn't have time to dry my hair before work and it's worked a treat.

    I am always running out of pins (where do they disappear to..?) so I bought bulk at the hairdresser supply store. They are much better quality too so they don't slip out of place.

  3. Stacey says

    I love your blog! I'm always looking for new hair ideas because mine is either down or up in a bun. It took me two tries to get this style done. I need to hone in on my bobby pinning skills but it looks pretty good!

  4. Hair Romance says

    @MouseNerd – Thank you!

    @Stacey – So glad you tried it! Get some stronger bobby pins, it makes all the difference.

  5. rachel / Red Lips Vintage says

    hi! i usually have trouble finding things to do with my hair but fixed this right up tonight! it feels really secure and everything is staying put without product or an excessive amount of pins, yay! thanks for everything you do!

  6. Janessa says

    I am thrilled that I stumbled upon this blog!
    I had to be at work at 5:30 this morning (yuck!) and didn't have time to wash my hair, so I tried this look. It's quick, easy, and my second day hair looks FABULOUS in this twist and pin! Possibly my new favorite :)

  7. Hair Romance says

    @Janessa – that's brilliant! I try and do styles that look interesting but are actually super quick and save you washing your hair. So glad you tried it. Thanks xx

  8. kristen says

    i am just so excited that i found this blog! you are so cute!! and i am totally hair obsessed so this is perfect!! woohoo!!! and i love the first dry shampoo revamped product! i have to get that!

  9. Lisa says

    Love this! Very Beautiful but stil simple =)

    Btw, Im trying to email you but it doesent seem to work? What am I doing wrong?

  10. Hair Romance says

    @Lindsay – I buy a big pot from the hairdressing supply store, not sure what band it is, but they are definitely stronger than the ones I find at the pharmacy. It's approx $15 for about 1000 pins!

  11. Hair Romance says

    @Lisa – So sorry had problems with my email but should be fine to email me now – thehair[at]hairromance[dot]com

  12. Bryndís says

    I'm trying this today and so far I'm in love. I use bobby pins for about everything, and this is a fun "twist" to what I usually do. Plus I think it will just get more and more fun to try and do all the things that come to mind ! Looking forward to your ebook (:

  13. Afton says

    I finally decided a few months ago to truly embrace my crazy long hair and start experimenting and learning how to do new things. I just came across your blog a couple weeks ago and I'm so grateful to you for it! You have so many great ideas! I'm going to try this hair style today. :) (oh and you should know that i live in a small town in the north west part of the U.S., pretty awesome how wide-spread your blog is!)

  14. Carleigh says

    I have to say–when I saw a photo of the "twist and pin" at the nape of the neck look, I was drooling. I am the typical, "can't do it/won't look right" type of girl and so often I leave for work with a ponytail. I have tried the previously mentioned look and this look and it took less than five minutes and they look GREAT!
    You are a great teacher. Thanks for making tutorials and thanks for making my hair look great!

  15. Blair says

    I am so loving your site. I have just found out about you today and well, I’ve been browsing for the past two hours! I will surely try this for out!


  16. Brooke says

    I have just stumbled across your website for the first time and I just gave this hair style a quick go. I can’t even begin to tell you how impressed I am. I usually hate having my hair tied up and I am one of the people that is guily of just having my hair down all the time because I don’t know what else to do with it.

    This is the first time in probably 5+ years that I have done my hair up and liked it. You may have just changed my life. Thanks so much for such a great site!!!!

  17. Kayla says

    It’s hard to make it look nice when you have layers. But I did this and made the twists slope. One on the top right, one right in the middle, and one on the lower left of my head so the twist design slopes and I love it!

  18. Summer says

    Such a cute idea! I have a ton of hair and I’m a brunette, so this looks different on me, but it’s still pretty. Thanks for sharing. I love trying new hair ideas and this one isn’t too difficult to do.

  19. Tara says

    Wore my hair like this the other day when I didn’t have time to wash my hair (3rd day). Have fairly thin hair so I only got 3 buns in. Got several compliments from coworkers and my mom. :)

  20. Anna says

    I love the look of this!! I am going to try it tomorrow for a wedding I have to attend, wasn’t sure how to do my hair as I’m the typical “can’t do it, too short/too long, too much effort” type. Thank you so much for your blog!!!!!!

  21. Liz says

    Awesome and super easy up do! I tried it out this evening and went out to dinner, and I got so many compliments! Thank you so much!

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