How to wash your hair – 10 tips for great hair

how to wash your hair - 10 tips for great hair

You might skip over this post on how to wash your hair, thinking this is too basic for you and that you are far more advanced with your hair care, but you may be making some simple mistakes.

Like riding a bike (something I only learnt last year!) I found most of my friends couldn’t explain how to start and stop. It’s easy to forget the correct way to do something when you are so used to it and have developed bad habits.

Everybody’s hair is different, but here are a few easy-to-follow tips to take better care of our tresses.

How to wash your hair – 10 tips for great hair

1. Don’t over-wash your hair. Most people don’t need to wash their hair every day. If you do, it could be because you are using the wrong products for your hair and scalp type.

2. Only apply shampoo to your scalp and massage gently. Don’t pile your hair on top and scrub it, as this will only create knots. Work the shampoo gently down to the ends of your hair and rinse thoroughly.

3. Forget about lather, rinse and repeat. It’s just a brilliant marketing idea to make you use more shampoo. You only need to shampoo once.

4. But you really like that “clean” feeling when you wash your hair twice, right? If you use a lot of silicone or wax products, try washing with a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month instead of your normal shampoo.

5. Curly-haired girls, you may want to consider skipping the shampoo entirely. Sounds strange I know but curly hair is often very dry, and washing with conditioner alone will freshen your hair without drying it out. I cut out shampoo for 4 months and it definitely works. Unfortunately I colour my hair, use too much product and swim in the sea too often to maintain the cycle.

6. Ever have an itchy scalp after washing your hair? Stop applying conditioner to your roots. Start from the mid-lengths and really condition the ends of your hair. Gently comb through and allow it to work for at least a minute, the longer the better.

7. Rinse your hair in cold water. Make sure you remove all your conditioner and finish with cold water. This is a bitch in winter, so don’t go freezing yourself in icewater, but a cool rinse of water will close the cuticle and seal in the moisture to each strand. It’s ok to shampoo your hair in hot water but finish it with a cold rinse.

8. Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Instead use a wide comb to gently smooth your hair.

9. Ease off with the towel drying. Don’t rub your hair with a towel, you’ll only cause damage and make your hair look dull. Instead gently squeeze out the excess moisture and allow to air dry. In saying that, I only do this on the rare occasion I wash my hair on a weekday night or have nothing to do on a Sunday. Parlux is my best friend and dries my hair in no time at all.

10. Treatments – hair masks are essential if you use heat stylers or colour your hair. Even if you don’t you will still appreciate the moisture a mask brings. Normally this is applied between shampoo and conditioner, so I either get out of the shower, have a cup of tea and catch up on blogs while I let it work, or get some chores done.

Once your have great hair, you’ll want to have more fun with your hair! Start with some of my hairstyle tutorials or my 30 Hairstyles in 30 Days ebook.

Do you use hair treatments? What type of hair do you have and what’s your favourite shampoo and conditioner?

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  1. readysetparty says

    I must not be paying enough attention, I've never even SEEN a hair mask at the store. Must find one and try it out!

  2. Monique @Oh Darling Bride says

    Great tips! I stopped washing my hair everyday and once I past the initial ‘gross-&-greasy’ phase, my hair was better than ever! Now I just need to stop shampooing twice. Thanks for the tip, I will let you know how it goes. Have a lovely day : )

      • Hair Romance says

        Use dry shampoo to get over the worst of it, and you can still wash your hair just not every day. It won’t take long and dry shampoo makes it so much easier x

        • Nicole Hickey says

          I have a question about this for my hair type…or rather skin type. I am 31 and my skin is still excessively oily. I wash my hair in the morning and my 1pm my skin is already so oily that my bangs are visibly becoming greasy too. By the next morning the hair around my scalp is very greasy too. I feel like my hair becomes to greasy to skip washing my hair every morning. Could I be in the small group of people that needs to wash their hair every day? Would this greasy cycle slow down if I didn’t wash my hair every day? I will pick up some dry shampoo to try… Thanks!

          • Hair Romance says

            Hi Nicole, it may be that you need to wash your hair every day but dry shampoo will still make looking after your hair much easier. Try the Klorane dry shampoo for oily hair, even if you just use it on your bangs.

          • Carla says

            I used to deal with oily skin (very shiny). If you use Jojoba oil or Coconut/Avocado oil on your skin (it feels like it would be greasy, but isn’t). Your skin will adjust with in a short period of time (approx. 2 weeks) and produce less oil – with the additional benefit of less black-heads and breakouts.

            I have VERY curly hair (natural) and have finally found that a bit of coconut Hair Magic keeps my hair lovely and non-frizzy. The next day, I just dampen my hair (no more product needed) and it is beautiful another day. I also have less breakage and NEVER have split ends.

            I am excited to try your advice and “wash” my hair with conditioner instead of shampoo.

      • Shannon says

        I used to have extremely oily hair. I talked to my hairdresser and she told me that since I washed my hair everyday, I was stripping away all the oils – good and bad. By doing this, my hair was working overtime to replace the good oils making it get greasy faster. She told me that when I had about 4-5 days off of work in a row (I used some time around holidays when I knew I would be off) to not wash it at all for those few days. Then, wash it once and wait a few days before washing again and to use dry shampoo to get the oily spots between washes. I now have a informal routine where I wash my hair every 3-4 days. I am also in the pool a lot and rinse it after and sometimes apply conditioner between shampoos. It’s pretty amazing. I also get a few more minutes of sleep in the morning 😉

        • Hair Romance says

          That’s great Shannon! It can be hard to break the daily washing cycle and choosing a holiday or break is the perfect time. Who doesn’t need more sleep in the morning 😉

  3. Megan says

    Thanks for the tips on healthy hair, especially the fact that curly girls don't need shampoo! I am completely a "no-poo" convert for my curly hair. I stopped using shampoo, silicone and sulfate products about a year ago and my curls have never behaved so well or looked so good! I highly recommend it.

  4. Nuha says

    Thanks for the tips! I already do most of these, but it's nice to know that I'm on the right track :) I am really conscious not to shampoo or conditioner my whole head, because like you said it either dries up my hair or leaves build up on my scalp. (making it look oily) do you have any suggestions for dry hair? I use moroccan oil, but it's a fine line between too little and too much. Thanks!!

  5. Angelina Fong Designs says

    Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I never knew about the rinsing in cold water. I'm going to have to try this as the weather gets warmer.

  6. Emily says

    I always try to go three or four days without washing my hair. I have noticed that my hair feels healthier and actually grows more. It is so good for your scalp to have those oils build up in your hair..even though at times it might be greasy. If you do want to get rid of the grease or build up in your hair..once a week sprinkle a teaspoon of baking soda over your scalp while you are shampooing.
    Thanks for the tips!

  7. Nat says

    Great tips! Didn't know masks are supposed to be applied between shampoo and conditioner. I normally use them in place of conditioner. Will try using in between next time!

  8. Hair Romance says

    Thanks so much for all the lovely comments!! xxx

    @Readysetparty – Hair masks are hair treatments, I think I am developing an addiction to them!

    @Monique – it's hard to get past the first few days but once you do it's so worth it. Let me know how you go xx

    @Nuha – I also love Moroccan OIl but it contains a lot of silicon, so in the long run it can form a coating on your hair and stop it absorbing moisture and become dry. Try using a leave-in conditioner before applying Moroccan oil. I use Matrix spray leve in conditioner (just apply to midlength to ends)

    @Emily – I haven't tried that – will give it a go next time

    @Nat – conditioner (and the cold water rinse) seal the cuticle so it's best to apply the mask before so your hair can absorb more moisture, but read the label as I have one or two that are used after conditioner.

    Thanks again for commenting xxx

  9. Felicia says

    What are some good hairstyles for greasy hair? Because, like you advised, I don't shower every day and the grease builds up, and it does NOT look good. Help is much appreciated!

    • Appu says

      Loreal is what I always use, I have the same thick hair, but it also works for coarse hair obviously. Try it and reply!

  10. Hair Romance says

    Hi PaperBella

    Moroccanoil restorative hair mask is very moisturising. I also love KMS silksheen treatment.

    For a budget version you can use your conditioner but leave it in for a long time. Shampoo and towel dry your hair then apply conditioner midlengths to ends. Clip hair up and wrap in cling film and leave for as long as you can. Rinse out and let it dry naturally and you'll feel all soft again.

    Christina x

  11. Danielle says

    awesome! love this post. just found your blog, pinterest is a great place! going to try some of your twist and pin hair styles from the 30 days of twist and pin. i usually pile my hair on top of my head when i shampoo… oops! will have to not do that today.

  12. Anonymous says

    I have the worst hair ever!!! Its so DRY, DAMAGED, and POOFY!!! I thought the only way would be to cut it all off…haha and look like a monk… I'm a girl by the way, so not a good idea. I've been using the MoroccanOil Treatment for 2 years now and it didn't really do anything to my hair… only sorta moisturize my ends. Then I bought the MoroccanOil Intense Hydrating Mask, Curl Control Cream,Restorative Hair Mask, and Glimmer Shine Spray! Haha I'm crazy… I'm a teenager so spending a lot of money on hair products is really crazy! I don't really like the Curl Control Cream because like I said before my hair is too dry… I should've bought the Intense Curl Cream because I heard it is more moisturizing! Hehe too late… I have medium wavy hair and its my natural color: black. I'm asian so I'm supposed to have an oily scalp from eating so much oily food but its normal. I got a perm last month even though my hair was wavy! I sort of regretted it when I found the MoroccanOil products… I keep my hair up all the time for what seems like and is 4 years. Do you know any products that weigh the hair down? Haha funny question because nowadays everyone wants volume… but I have a lot of hair that is so dry that it dries up to be a bush! I am underweight for my height so is it my body health? I eat everything… I think. Please help!!! Thanks!!!!

    • anyomas says

      u should try getting your ends trimmed more often and also try the assuie 3 minute mircile deep conditioner

  13. Anonymous says

    I have got a WHOLE lot of super baby fine hair… I have to wash it and dry it every day to get any volume. Any hait health tips for the baby fine headed with a tendency to be oily.

  14. Hannah says

    Good tips. But I do find that I actually have to wash all of my hair (the ends only marginally) and wash twice. My hair is just that oily, but I only wash twice a week. But any tips on what to do for oily hair would be great.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Hannah,
      I’d make sure I was using a shampoo for oily hair. Then only use a small amount of shampoo when you wash your hair and wash your hair well, massaging your scalp with your fingertips. Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp, just to the midlengths and ends and comb it through your hair. Most important thing is to make sure you rinse out all the shampoo and conditioner and product residue can make your hair oily.
      Hope this helps!
      Christina x

    • Hair Romance says

      Sometimes over washing can cause your scalp to produce more oil, making you think you have oily hair. This used to happen to me. I would have oily roots and dry ends. Check with your hairdresser, but maybe you need a special shampoo for oily hair, or you need to train your hair back into washing less often.
      I also use dry shampoo if my hair is looking a bit flat or oily and it’s great.

  15. Toby says

    Try using WEN cleansing conditioner, you won’t regret it. It cleanses and moisturizer without stripping hair of it’s natural oils. It works really well on all hair types. It is worth every penny!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Aimee, I would see your doctor as losing large amounts of hair can be connected to a medical issue such as a thyroid condition. Stress can also be a factor in hair loss but it doesn’t leave permanent results. See you doctor and check your diet to see what could be the cause. Good luck x

  16. Kesha says

    O God, I should have read this earlier, before my hair dry. My hair is actually curly, but a little greasy. about 2 years ago, I decided to straighten my hair. I still straighten my hair, about once in 8 months. I never use a any heat product for everyday use. but either because of the use of flat iron when hair straightening or what, about 5 months ago I found out that my hair feels rough and brittle at the end. my root still got oily though. I used to shampooing my hair twice, but two weeks ago I decided to try to wash once. and I found it really worked great to that brittle hair. On my third trial to shampoo my hair once, I can see that the brittle is gone! I have this smooth hair. Just wish they don’t come back again :)
    however, perhaps because of heating process for a couple times, I found that my hair tone is a bit changing. I used to have black hair, but then lately persons around me saying that my hair just a bit turn to red or chocolate tone. Do you have any suggestion to get my black shine hair back? Or the tone changing is normally inevitable for person who uses any heat products?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kesha, do you colour your hair? It could be that your colour is fading due to heat styling. You could always try a semi-permanent colour to bring back the darker shine. Have a chat to your hairdresser about colour options.

  17. Zoe says

    Help! I love to swim but the chlorine is really hard on my color-processed blond. I do everything you’re supposed to do: wet my hair and cover with conditioner under a cap before I get in the water. My question is, do I have to shampoo with a chlorine remover shampoo every time I get out of the pool? I honestly think all the shampooing is making matters worse. What would happen if I just rinse with cold water every other time? Anyone out there with suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Zoe, chlorine can be so hard on hair. You’re doing all the right things. If you’re using conditioner under your cap, you don’t need to shampoo after swimming, just rinse out the conditioner, and even add a little more on your ends. Less shampoo will help. Let me know how you go x

      • mishe says

        u r saying that dont use shampooo so how can i wash my hair after using oil my scalps n hairs are too dry too curl frizzy i use shampoo after2-3days when i use shampoo my hair is start falling down n a bunch of hairs come out during shampoo n in conditioner nothng works n even during comb nw my hairs start thining i m too much worried n dnt knw wat to do i used everythng i m too much disheartd from my hairs are nw going towards disaster side u r my last hope plz help me tell me wat to do which shampoo,conditioner n oil i use

  18. Jasmine says

    I used to have long hair and then I cut it, and got extensions so I used to straighten my hair all the time to help blend it, so it’s really dry. I barely ever do anymore and I wear my hair up in a bun most of the time now, because i’m trying to grow it, I brought moroccan oil to use on my hair but im not sure how often to use it! Can you please tell me how often and give me some advice on other things I can try to help it grow fast! x

    • Hair Romance says

      Moroccanoil will help nourish your hair. You don’t need to use much. I use one pump on my hair after I wash my hair. I apply it to the ends of my hair first, then run my hands through my hair with the residue on my hands. You can also use 1/2 pump on dry hair to smooth it. To help your hair grow faster eat a healthy balanced diet, high in protein and iron and stay away from the straightening irons. They will cause damage which will mean you’ll need to cut your hair more often.

    • Hair Romance says

      Argan oil is also good for skin, but Moroccanoil is a blend for your hair and isn’t good for your skin.

  19. Lana says

    I use Moroccan oil in the blue box. This is the best stuff out there, i also dont use shampoos or conditions with sulfites.

  20. leila says

    I use jojoba oil on my hair every day after washing everyday and that works. I like to wash my hair everyday and the jojoba oil afterwards does a great job of nourishing it.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Beetle bug, I use a curl cream or smoothing cream after I wash my hair which adds some hold. You can also curl the ends of your hair under to give it a smoother finish x

  21. melissa says

    wow well this dose work but what you want to do is you want to make sure that you give your hair plenty moisture but to make your hair grow longer then use an oiling treatment like castor oil my hair was to my chin and now to my waist because i took a year challange.!

  22. Priyanka says


    I am Asian, I have to go out a lot and my hair gets very dirty so I need to shampoo everyday. My hair is curly, brittle and very very dry. So now I shampoo after one day.
    You told not to shampoo at all and use only conditioner! I’ve never heard this before. How can I keep my hair clean if I don’t shampoo?
    Please answer. Thanks

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Priyanka, everyone’s hair is different so you need to work out the system that’s right for you. Google ‘co-washing’ or ‘no-poo’ for more info about eliminating shampoo to see if it’s right for your hair x

      • Priyanka says

        thanks for your reply. One thing I forgot to ask is that I’ve heard that applying conditioner in scalp is harmful. So, while co-washing, isn’t it damaging to apply conditioner on scalp? I’ve never done this co-washing before and my hair is already a disaster. I don’t want to damage more. That’s why I’m concerned. Hope I’m not disturbing you.

        • Hair Romance says

          Hi Priyanka, I don’t think it’s damaging to apply conditioner to your scalp, but it’s not necessary. The idea behind co-washing is to wash your scalp with water, and to let it adjust back to a normal oil production (which can take some time to settle down). Then you just use conditioner on the midlengths and ends of your hair to soften the ends and to detangle hair. The adjustment period can be anywhere from 2-8 weeks so I’d do some more research to see if it’s right for your hair type, and be prepared for a few tough weeks while your hair settles into the new routine. Good luck x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kylie! I’m always testing new products but I love O&M Hydrate and Conquer, Pureology blonde range and Aveda curls range.

  23. mishe says

    sorry in my hair tension i 4got 2 tell u i m asian girl desperately waiting of your reply
    can it possible my hairs grow longer n beautiful believe me its nw become my dreams n even i stop hoping some day my hairs will grow stop falling breaking n looks beautiful

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mishe, It can take some trial and error to find the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair, in the same way as finding a good moisturiser for your skin. Ask your hairdresser to check out your scalp and recommend a product that would be suitable for you. It’s normal to lose about 150 hairs every day so don’t worry too much. A healthy diet and no heat styling / colouring will help you get long healthy hair. Good luck x

      • mishe says

        hi,thanx for reply i trailed lots of shampoos n conditioner like pantane,sunsilk n loreal for my dry curly frizzy brittle hairs but not works even i m very concious about my hairs i oil my hairs every after 2 or 3 days i oil my hairs with coconut oil in night n wash in morning but when ever i shampoo my hairs bunch of hairs falling during shower n after that when i applied conditioner again why hairs fall i used vitamins n iron tblets frm a month but no result shows my scalps r dry n nw what happened with my hairs it start thining from ends too much even i never used brush at all on my hairs i always use wide tooth comb but didn’t hairs falling not normal 150 i think if its something like that then my hairs never starts thining from the end nw every1 making fun of my hairs hairs r curly thining n dried from the end even after using conditioner .I never applied any thing on my hairs like heating styling e.t.c i don’t know what to do nw can u advice me wat i do somtimes i think i don’t know what is the right way to wash hairs n what mositizer i use plz advice me waiting 4 your reply

        • Hair Romance says

          Hi Mishe, vitamins take two months to start to make a difference to your hair so keep taking them. It’s normal to lose some hair when you wash and brush your hair but if it’s significantly more perhaps you should see your doctor. Some medications can affect your hair as can your hormone levels. I would seek the advice of a trusted hairdresser and consult your doctor too.

          • mishe says

            thnx for reply im gona cosult a doc tell c wat happen afterwards n tell me its good to comb hairs when its wet

  24. Roo says

    Great article!

    I’m just starting to realize I may have been cowashing improperly for months. I co-wash my curly, thick hair every 3-4 days. The other day however (after two days) I noticed I had really bad, itchy buildup on my scalp, and that it might be a result of scrubbing my head with conditioner each time I cleanse. I’m going to attempt water rinses, but the hair at my crown is very dry and frizzy, leaving me to look like I have a lion’s mane. Is there any product I can apply afterwards to hair closest to my head to tame and help seal moisture? Usually I read that you’re suppose to apply products away from your scalp as doing so on can also cause buildup to accumulate. Much thanks for your response

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Roo! It’s important to rinse all products off your scalp and you don’t really need to use conditioner there at all. I apply it to the ends of my hair, then comb it through gently from root to tip. Hair oils can help smooth those fuzzy hairs around your hairline, but you’ll probably find they calm down once your scalp gets back into a routine. Warm a drop of oil up in your hands and then gently smooth the hairs down. This won’t overload your hair.

  25. shelly says

    I’ve started using coconut oil as a ‘mask’ about once a week. I’m interested in this no-poo concept. Perhaps January is the time to start that process. I ride my bike to work and go to they gym nearly every day. I can’t imagine NOT washing my head after sweating all over it. =)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Shelly, it’s hard when you exercise a lot. No-poo works well for hair that is curly or naturally dry. It’s difficult to maintain if you colour or style your hair. Good luck with the transition and let me know how you go x

  26. Andrea Bigolin Kárász says

    Hi, I’m from Brazil and just discovered your blog. Loving it, but I do have a question for you. You say that curly haired girls should skip shampoo and wash hair with conditioner, then, you say that we shouldn’t apply conditioner to our roots. But if I use only conditioner to wash, do I use it on my roots also??

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Andrea! Thanks for reading Hair Romance. It’s a process described in the book Curly Girl, I’ll write a post in more detail soon. It’s quite a process and I’ll talk about it more soon x

  27. Melanie says

    I love this article. I have hair that looks very similar to the bair pictured above and like you described has taken many years to find the right products and routine to get it right. My problem now is with my daughters hair and any suggestions you might be able to throw at me would be great because I am lost. She is 11 years old and like myself has very fine hair (that I find very difficult to begin with) her hair tends to be very oily. She is very athletic and plays softball year round so her hair is constantly pulled into a ponytail. Her hair is begining to curl around the nape of her neck and remains wavy everywhere else. I have tried all sorts of things to keep her hair from looking dirty (oily) but nothing that I have put in it helps. Her hair is so bad that looks filthy an hour after she gets out of the shower. I even tried dry shampoo to no avail. HELP PLEASE!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Melanie, all is not lost! Avoid using any serums or oils on her hair. They can make your hair appear translucent, and creates an oily sheen. Dry shampoo will help, you just need to let it absorb at the roots before brushing it through. Spray it on, let it sit for 2 minutes, and then style her hair. That waiting time makes a big difference. Your daughter’s hair may keep changing, as mine did at that age x

  28. Janice says

    Hi, may i know the best way to apply hair mask? Is it applies straight after we washing our hair with shampoo and conditioner? i tried the Schwarzkopf Extra Care Hair Repair with Liquid Keratin hair mask however my hair was oily and sticky after i rinsed it with water..

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Janice, use a hair mask after you shampoo your hair. Comb it through the midlengths and ends of your hair and leave as directed (each mask is different, 3-10 minutes). Then rinse thoroughly and apply your conditioner as normal. You can also give your hair a final rinse with cool water to seal the cuticles.

  29. Madara says

    Hey, I’m Sri Lankan and naturally my hair is long, dry and wavy (not thick, fine waves) and curls a bit at the end..currently I’m having problems with finding a good shampoo and conditioner to suit my hair..most of the good products listed on the internet are not available in Sri Lanka and I’ve tried out Pantene, Reebonn, Sunsilk and other products..the ones I’ve used so far makes my hair very soft and I like that, but it still appears rather dry and unruly..I do wish that it’ll give a wet, smooth and neater look..should I apply hair cream, gel or something? I’ve been reluctant to try that out though, because applying those regularly is not that good to your hair..should I apply some kind of oil? we mostly have coconut oil available but it’ll leave your hair smelling like coconut oil afterwards which doesn’t smell that good :( and it looks too oily..if I should use oil, how often should I do that?
    I also have a problem with how often I should wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner? because everytime I wash it, it looks really dry atleast till the third I wasn’t used to washing it often..mostly like once or twice a week..should I use a rinse-off or leave-in conditioner? I was once told by a salon that I should not completely rinse off the condiitoner and to wash it off with as little water as possible because my hair is very that alright if it’s not a leave-in conditioner?
    It’ll be a big help if you could let me know..thanks..

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Madara, if your hair is very dry, you can use conditioner on the ends. Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp, or rinse thoroughly if you do. If you want the wet, smooth look you probably need to use a styling product after washing your hair. Try a cream as these a more moisturising than gels on dry hair. Coconut oil is great for hair. Personally I like the smell, but if you don’t you can use it as a treatment before you wash your hair.
      I’m not sure what brands to suggest as I’m not sure if they are available to you, but all the brands you said have different ranges of products available. Look for products designed for dry hair, and to smooth your hair. Leave in conditioner in the ends of your hair wil also help smooth your hair.

  30. Carrie says

    Coconut oil works great and is all natural! find it in the grocery store next to the other cooking oils. Once a week I saturate my hair, sleep with it in and wash it out in the morning. The rest of the week I use a small amount as a sealer on my wet hair.

  31. Grammy says

    My granddaughter has very curly hair. Someone told me about Diva Curl and it has changed our lives. No more frizz, just fluffy beautiful curls! It is a little expensive, but worth it once you see the results.

    • Hair Romance says

      I’m so glad you’re helping your granddaughter to lover her curls! You’ll find with a good product, it may cost a little more but you’ll use less xx

  32. says

    Some great tips here. I struggle with the ‘don’t-shampoo-so-often’. I have extremely fine (sadly thinning, but that’s a question for later) hair that is curly. But I find that if I don’t wash my hair every 36 hours or so I feel disgusting. I literally get crabby and jumpy and just bleugh. I know it sounds dramatic, but that feeling of greasy, unwashed hair really agitates me. How do I get past that greasy feeling?

    Also, I keep reading bits and pieces(mostly in comments) about curly hair V Sulfates? Can you tell me what shampoos and conditioners are bad for this? (I am vision impaired. I can honestly not read fine print (or much of any print) on the back of a bottle).

    And I’m also hearing a LOT about Moroccon Oil. I’m terrified that this will just lead to that greasy feeling I was whining about a minute ago. :) Does it do that at all?

    And am I now already the most annoying commenter in the history of your blog? Disturbing you on a Sunday night? I only found you today, so I’ve been trawling through for 2 hours now. I literally burned the roast because of this site. :)
    Melissa Mitchell recently posted..The countownMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Melissa, Thank you! Most brands now offer a sulphate free version so you can find them everywhere from supermarket to salon. The ingredients to avoid are sodium lauryl suphate, sodium laureth sulphate and ammonium laureth sulphate (and any other sulphates). If you have wavy / curly hair this will make a big difference to your hair. You have to find a routine that works for your hair, which takes a bit of trial and error, but if you can use no sulphate / silicone products your hair will be better for it.
      PS. Thanks for your awesome comment and so sorry I was the reason you burnt your dinner x

  33. Chelsea says

    These are some great tips! Thank you! I’ve heard a lot of different things about shampooing or not shampooing your hair, people saying it’s bad if I don’t wash it because it will get greasy or hearing that shampooing it every day will dry it out. Can you shed some light on this for me? My scalp is always very dry too, to the point of flaking a bit, so I either hear people telling to to scrub my scalp to get the dry skin off, or condition it. Obviously none of that works, but I’m just really confused. I have very thick, very curly hair that needs conditioning and for me to take good care of it, but I have no idea how to. Any help? Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Chelsea! Yes, it can be very confusing as there’s not a one size fits all solution. Just like our skin, our scalps react differently. With curly hair, it’s usually drier than other hair types. Shampoos containing sulphates can dry your hair and scalp out even more. Switch to a sulphate free product and use a weekly conditioning treatment on your hair to help add more moisture. I’ve written more tips for how to style curly hair which may also help. It may take a little trial and error but you’ll find an easy routine that will keep your curls looking great in no time x

  34. Lexi says

    I REALLY like the deep conditioning mask my Macadamia. I found mine at a local Target. A much cheaper option would be the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle. Found it at Target for around $3-$4.

  35. Abigail says

    All but 7 are true. Rinsing with cool water does nothing but ruin a perfectly warm shower. The temperature of the water has no effect on the cuticle of the hair. It is the pH that matters. Cool water and warm water both have a pH of 7, which will lift the cuticle. The key is using products that have a low pH especially after your final rinse. Using a leave in conditioner with a low pH (3.0) will help lay the cuticle down and eliminate frizz creating soft, shiny hair! Try Z.One Concept Milk_Shake Leave in Conditioner or Milk_Shake whipped cream leave in foam.

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s normal to lose around 100 hairs each day. The best conditioner for curly hair is one that is moisturising and hydrating and curly hair tends to be dry.

  36. MarcelineTheVampireQueen says

    I do karate, so I sweat a lot, aspecially around my face, so I usually have to either wear a headband at karate (which I rarely do because I’m almost always running late), or I wash
    my hair almost every day, besides Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I’ll definitely try this method and let you know later.

  37. Jenn says

    Hi! I’m a curly girl, think Merida from Brave down to the color. I’ve done my trials and found some brands that work for me, I love Jessicurl and Miss Jessie as well as just good normal coconut oil. With hair like mine I’ve been through every bottle on the shelf…..and then some hahaha.

    My question is I can always get the sides of my hair to curl like they should, and half of the back (maybe the left one day maybe the right) but never the whole back of my hair. I flip over when I use the defuser, a microfiber towel and the “plopping” method…..I don’t over product. So is it just a case of a curls gonna do what a curls gonna do? Or is there anything I can do?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jenn! Your hair sounds gorgeous. It’s really common to have different curl patterns around your head. I have some weird straight sections at the back and some super ringlets at the front. You can encourage the curls but I often grab a small curling iron and just fix the bits that aren’t curling right!

  38. Shan says

    I have a natural curl, ringlet, frizz, wave thing going myself and have just recently started treating it like I should. I honestly didn’t realize how to curly it was until I had it permed in middle school, I just didn’t know how to take care of it/style it.

    Currently I am using and loving Aveeno Pure Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, both are sulfate free. I only shampoo every 2-3 days but will use conditioner every day, especially the ends. And I only use Bumble and Bumble Sea Spray for product, I’ve found it’s the best at helping define my curls without being crunchy. And I honestly don’t think my hair looks better then when I’m at the beach and getting the actual spray from the sea. Drying with a diffuser as really recently (think last 2 weeks) become my friend, I’ve always just let it air dry however that’s hard to do when it’s winter and super cold.

    Thanks for the tips! I think my next change in hair care will be to switch from “drying” with a towel to an old t-shirt or microfiber.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Shan and thanks for sharing your routine. Diffusers are a must on cold winter mornings, and see how you go with a tshirt or microfibre towel. I find it makes a difference to my hair x

  39. Patty says

    I have tried for 40 years to tame my crazy curly hair. I am always looking for “THE” product to miraculously change my hair into the beautiful curly mane I KNOW I can have. Unfortunately, no ONE product is good for ANY one head. What’s right for me may not be for someone else. Thus….the quest continues. I have tried every home treatment to every expensive one and have come up with what (for the time being) works for me. I have NO oil in my hair…I could go for weeks without washing my hair and it would never look dirty. The problem for me is product….I can wet my hair and put product in it every day but I will eventually have so much product in my hair that I HAVE to wash it. Plus, in the winter my scalp get’s SO SO dry and gets flaky. I can go about 4 days without washing my hair and I have been through the gammit of shampoos and clarifying shampoos to know which I can use and which are damaging for me. It seems NOTHING inexpensive will work (bummer for me) and the “curly girl” line worked for a while. Now, I use vinegar to clarify my hair – it removes all the product and I don’t need to use the shampoos. Also, shampoos without Sulfates are a MUST…. but it is weird to wash and not have any suds.
    I have two thick conditioners I leave in my hair before I bundle it in a towel to dry. I have no combs, brushes or hairdriers (ALL damaging for curly curly hair). Then I use a mixture of Curls Rock and Silk and let it dry naturally. It works for me…. but still looking for the “miracle”

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Patty, sounds like you have a lot of experience with curls! I agree sulphate free is a must for curls but you still need to find the routine for your hair x

  40. Camille says

    I just want to say THANK YOU. I’ve enjoyed reading your post on this, everyone’s comments and your always nice replies. I tried the no-poo thing once years ago and am going to give it a try again. I just had to buy a new hair dryer this weekend, and it’ll have a diffuser so I am looking forward to it arriving tomorrow. I normally let my hair air dry and it ends up partly curly, partly straight, and partly wavy with some frizz. It has been so damaged the last few years – split ends that I can’t seem to get rid of no matter how often I get it cut – but only on the top outer layer. I used to live in the city, but now live in the country and have well water so I’m wondering if there could be something in my water causing that top layer to be so damaged???

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Camille, thanks so much for your lovely comments. It could be that there is a high mineral content in your well water, often referred to as “hard water”. If this si the case, no-poo may be harder to maintain but it’s worth trying again. Hard water can leave a mineral build up on your hair so you may need to use a clarifying shampoo fortnightly or weekly to really clean your hair. If you notice limescale builds up easily, this is a sign that you live in a hard water area. Regular moisturising treatments will help keep your hair soft despite the hard water. Good luck xx

  41. Beth says

    I like John Frieda’s Curl Perfecting Spray ( I believe that is what it is called) I really helps random limp curls. The ends of my curls tend to be straight and this spray helps them look more curly. It also makes curls more defined but not totally stiff and crunchy. I also use Kenra curl cream. I have to get it from my hair stylist as it isn’t available to just normal people. :) I bleached the shiz out of my hair and my curls were pissed. Kenra really helped my curls curl.

  42. says

    Thank you SO MUCH. This is a terrific post! No wonder my hair always has knots and is greasy. A( I always lather my hair and B) I put conditioner on my roots. Tonight, when I wag my hair, I’m going to use your tips. Again, thank you very much. I really appreciate it!

  43. Clarissa Rugg says

    I have hair just a tad more curly than yours and I’ve found that if you don’t have time to let your hair air dry it works wonders if instead of using a towel to use a cotton t-shirt.

  44. says

    I have extremely curly hair and I wash my hair, strictly, every other day. I use a moisture rich shampoo/conditioner and follow MOST of your procedures above. However, anytime I use
    ‘curl cream’, ‘mouse’, or anything other than low-holding GEL, my hair is ridiculous. I like to throw my hair over my shoulders though out the day, and anything other than gel makes my curls look like a fro – no defintion, and I hate soft curls with no volume.

  45. Crystal says

    Hello, I love your posts! Curly hair really is tough to tame but it can be tame able :) thanks for all the tips! I do have a question though :) my hair tends to get oily, itchy and flakey after a few days of not shampooing it. I either use Suave’s color care shampoo or Selsun Blue’s deep cleansing micro bead scrub. I wash a few times since it tends to still feel gross and oily/greasy and Sometimes I use them one after the other. Is this bad? A lil info: My hair is pretty curly like yours, I am Mexican and tried dying my naturally fuzzy-split dry ended-tons of falling out- black hair to an “auburn” color bout 4-5 months ago. (Did not work haha). I only condition my hair once after all the shampooing and apply from midlength to ends already and let it sit for a few mins before rinsing. I also sometimes use colder water to “seal” it when i feel like it :)
    Oh Should I stop using the color care shampoo now? Haha :)
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Crystal! Thanks for your comments. I haven’t tried those brands but check the labels to see if they contain sulphates (sodium lauryl sulphate or ammonium lauryl sulphate etc) as these can be quite harsh on your scalp. Switch to a sulphate free shampoo and see how you go. Sulphate free doesn’t lather as much but you still get clean hair and they are less drying on your scalp. Curly hair loves moisture so look for a moisturising shampoo. Good luck xx

  46. Senga says

    Do you have any recommendations for fragrance free hair products? I find that the choices are very limited and have been using Naturelle shampoo and conditioner. I shampoo & condition my hair every couple of days and just condition the rest of the time. I tried Naturelle’s gel (it was the only non-scented styling product I saw), but found that it seemed to weigh my hair down and made my curls string-like, so I found another no-name gel that isn’t as heavy that seems to work. I would like to find lighter products, but they all give a me migraine because of the smell. thanks

    • Hair Romance says

      That’s a great question Senga. I’m not sure of any brands off the top of my head as I usually go for scented products. Let me look into it and I’ll come back to you with some suggestions x

  47. Maddi Schlegel says

    When you take showers without washing your hair, do you let it get wet and restyle or wrap it in a towel?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Maddi, I clip my hair up or wear a shower cap so my hair stays dry on days when I’m not washing it x

  48. Bakedgoods says

    Hi Hair Romance, Thank you for the great tips. I too have curly hair, very long and curly, but only since I moved to California. I have battled with it for years, manly what I considered frizz. Additionally, not all of my hair is curly. The front of my head is ringlet curly, whereas the back of my head boasts waves. My crown is also tight ringlets. What a mess! A couple of months ago a friend mentioned WEN by Chaz ?. What I have experienced in the last couple of months using it is this. My hair is considerably softer. Baby soft! My scalp has stopped itching with dry flakiness. So gross! I also realized, once all the crap on my hair was completely eradicated, my hair is extremely fine. Could that explain why I shed so much? I am beginning to think what I perceived as frizz is indeed fluff. It’s poofy, not frizzy? But in the end I still find myself looking for something to weight it down to create more definition. I don’t brush, wide-tooth combs only. I have also noticed I get those awful ratty tangles much more often. I hate those things! I am very conscious of styling products that contain alcohol. No matter how careful I am, my scalp reacts to the alcohol. On recommendation I am currently using Beyond the Zone- Smooth Criminal (hair primer). Its okay, its a detangling leave-in conditioner that protects the hair during heat styling. I don’t find it to be heavy enough, for me. Wow, that was a mouthful. I so would love it if you would have any advise. When first styled, very much to the same tune as your directions above, it looks great, as long as I don’t move or turn my head. As soon as my mane is disturbed by the slightest breeze, it turns into a cotton ball. A cotton ball that wants to be in my face all the time. I am convinced my hair is evil and continuously plots to annoy me! I know I have pretty hair I just don’t know how to help it be its best and out of my face. Needless to say it spends a lot of time caged to the back of my head in some form. Any thoughts? I would love to hear your thoughts on my evil cotton ball. Thanks for listening. My Best. :)

    • Hair Romance says

      hi! Sounds like you’ve got a great routine for your hair. I’m not sure about the full ingredients list, so you’ll need to check you won’t react to it, but Unite Boing curl cream is great. Unite are a low chemical haircare range. See if their products suit your regime xx

  49. sherin says

    I come from Kerala.As per our custom ,we wash the hair daily and apply oil on the scalp before bathing.mMy hair is like partly curl as well as straight .I have dandruff and heavy hair fall.Could you please give me a remedy to my hair problem and hair care tips for this climate.Although I use antidandruff shampoo once in a week,i have no effect.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sherin, if you have a persistent problem you may need to use a medicated shampoo to address the cause of the dandruff. Ask your hairdresser if they can recommend a roduct specifically for your hair

  50. Brigid says

    Hi, i’ve noticed that i have a problem with acne on my forehead where my hair meets, i’ve had this problem for so long!! i even get them past my hairline! any tips on how to get rid of them and prevent it from happening? and any acne products that are hair friendly if there is any?
    Brigid recently posted..A day in the life of Hair RomanceMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Brigid, it’s quite common and fringes/bangs can also cause skin problems. As with most skin issues, it’s hard to recommend a product as every one reacts differently. It will take some trial and error and I would consult your doctor to see if they can specify something for you. It might be a matter of wearing your hair back off your face to let your skin recover too. Good luck x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi, you use your fingertips to massage your scalp and concentrate the shampoo there. When you rinse it out it will wash your hair without you needing to apply more shampoo.

  51. Umang says

    Hi,It’s a great site for all of us (curly haired girls) I’d like to know if shampoo & conditioner are mixed in shampoo only is it right? I use Vatika shampoo but I think I haven’t got the right choice of shampoo and conditioner as after shampoo hair looks dry and frizzy.The problem is products don’t mention in their label whether they are sulphate free or not? Which shampoo and conditioner will be good to my scalp and hair? Please help….!
    Waiting for your reply,thanks.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thank you! I don’t know that brand of shampoo so can’t comment. If you’re not happy with the results try a more moisturising formula or a different brand x

  52. lola says

    THanks for your tips i have never washed my hair in cold water so as you can imagine my hair is very damaged and dry on top i have super thick curly hair. But i will definitely start washing my hair less and in cold water. But how can i manage poofy hair?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Melissa, most masks are used between shampoo and conditioner but follow the directions on the pack if they are different x

  53. says

    I completely agree with #3. Lathering twice does not make sense. Even daily shampooing is not recommended by hair care experts, so you can only imagine what shampooing twice can do to your hair. It is all about finding the right shampoo that will address the needs of your hair texture and condition.

  54. says

    AH! No wonder my scalp is so itchy! I later in the conditioner right to my roots! stupid stupid! Thank you for bringing this to my attention!!!

    I also believe i have some form of psoriasis too, any tips for people who have scalp psoriasis or sensitive scalps?

  55. Sarah says

    I make a homemade mask of olive oil, coconut oil and honey. Zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds and add to dry hair and leave on for as long as you can. Wash hair as normal. Leaves hair soft, shiny and helps moisturise and therefore define curls. I do this once a week:)

  56. Melanie says

    Thanks for this post and all the replies to comments. I’ve learned a lot in reading it!

    I am starting to think I have naturally curly-ish hair, Type 2A. It’s fine but dense. When I was a kid, I had thin, flat hair but would get wisps everywhere, and it’d curl at the ends. In middle school, I cut it mid-length, and my hair became super poofy and dry looking. It looked like the head of a broom. So I started perming it about 8 years ago, and for the first time in my life, I got compliments on my hair. I’ve been using Catwalk Curls Rock only, with a diffuser, and I’ve been happy with it. But 8 years is a long time with one look. I wanted to look like “everyone else.”

    Last week, I got my hair professionally colored (including highlights), and got most of the perm cut off. I started trying to style it and it’s been looking worse each time. Puffy, frizzy, dry looking. I tried a blow dryer brush (curl won’t hold, puffy, dry), curling iron (I’m a klutz, and same problem), and flat iron (curl held better, but still really dry and big). Even trying to blow dry it with special brushes like on YouTube turned it into a huge, puffy mess. So I started researching online.

    I would really, really appreciate some advice on the following:
    1. Should I abandon getting a sleek look / am I fighting a losing battle?
    2. When I was using Curls Rock and a diffuser, I hadn’t yet heard of no-poo or co-washing. My oil control seemed fine and the hair didn’t look dry. Do you think I would still benefit from no-poo or co-washing?
    3. Any specific product recommendations?

    Thank you!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Melanie, to answer your questions –
      1. How much time do you have? Everyone can get a sleek look but it takes a lot of time for certain hair types. Be prepared to practice and put in more time, or embrace the natural wave in your hair.
      2. While you were perming your hair, it makes your hair drier and that’s why there wasn’t any oil issues. As you’re still highlighting your hair I’d say you won’t have any problems. You can try it to see if it works for you, or switch to a sulphate free shampoo.
      3. 2A type curls work best with mousses and light gels. There are some great suggestions here in the comments, or Toni & Guy spray gel is good.
      Hope this helps! Christina

  57. Reena Sen says

    My scalp is too oil. my hair becomes oily without actual oil application. In that condition, I find the need of washing my hair every 3 days. I wanted to know, if this is the right solution.

    • Hair Romance says

      Everyone’s hair is different but 3 days is a pretty good ratio. Remember there’s no right or wrong, it’s what suits your hair x

  58. Reena Sen says

    Also I am not able to do hair styles because my hair is thin, can you please tell me if there is a way out to make my hair thicker?

  59. kirsten says

    Is it okay to just rinse your hair every day? I love showers so wanted to know if it would act the same as washing it properly with shampoo and conditioner

  60. Autumn says

    Help I wash my hair everyday because I thought you were supposed to! But now I’m not supposed to? I don’t know whatever. Anyway recently I was sick so I didn’t wash my hair for like 3 days. Ew. Ever since then I went back to my normal hair routine of washing everyday. Now I can’t seem to find my part and get all the shampoo out of my hair!!!!! Ugh I’m so done with ugly greasy hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Autumn, have you changed your shampoo? Why do you think your hair has changed in 3 days? Make sure you’re rinsing out all the shampoo and only using conditioner on the ends of your hair.

  61. Priyanka says

    Hi….I am indian n I have wavy hair. its very dry. Few years back I had this hair fall after which it became really thin. Even after numerous treatments the density of my hair never thickened. At present I m undergoing a high frequency treatment under a beautician and she has given me a herbal oil to use every time before I shampoo my hair n a loreal professional shampoo for hair fall. But the oil is extremely sticky n the shampoo is too mild to wash off the oil. It leaves my hair greasy and after one day of washing it my hair becomes very frizzy. Please tell me what shampoo and conditioner to use which would wash off the oil as well as make my hair soft and help me get rid of the frizz.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Priyanka, I’m not sure what treatment you’re having done so I would discuss this with your beautician. Perhaps she can suggest an alternative shampoo that will be better for your hair. Good luck.

  62. greasegirl says

    I wash my hair every other day and yet 3 hours later I have really greasy hair. How do I fix this?

    • Hair Romance says

      Are you using the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair? Try a different brand and try to avoid touching your hair which can make it oilier too.

  63. Acroaliboo10 says

    Hi my hair used to be a little long and then I cut it, it’s getting long again but it is quite wavey and a little bit dry. It is thick, which I hate, and I can’t get it more thin. If it is dry and I brush it, it goes fluffy! It is the same with my mum! Pleassssssse help? I have been trying to use more conditioner than shampoo but anymore tips? Xx

    • Hair Romance says

      Have you tried a conditioning treatment? Check your shampoo and switch to a sulphate free shampoo too which can help if you have dry hair. Also the type of brush you use make a difference. If I brush my hair it goes crazy! If I want to smooth it I love my Mason Pearson bristle brush. Good luck! x PS. Remember that it’s a lot of work to deal with thick hair, but it’s better than dealing with superfine straight hair x

  64. STEPHANIE says

    I have natural curly hair and I use a lot of mouse (crunchy curly hair) because i can’t find a a product that will leave my hair curly and NOT frizzy. I also have to wash my hair everyday because of the product in my hair. If i don’t wash it then it’s more frizzy and it’s gummed up.

    Any Suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Stephanie, I know a few things that will help but it’s not easier and will take a bit of time to transition your hair. Washing your hair every day is creating more frizz and so you are using more product on your hair. Mousse contains alcohol which is drying so every time you use product you’re creating more frizz. It’s a vicious cycle. You probably need to change shampoo and conditioner to a more gentle and moisturising range and use an oil or cream to moisturise your hair. It won’t look as perfect for the first week or two but will improve. I’d recommend talking to your hairdresser to get them to recommend a product to suit your hair. I’ll be posting more curly hair product reviews soon but everyone’s hair is different so you need to find what works for you. Good luck x

  65. Sweety says

    Hi,I am having curly hair.. i am having lot of gray hai so i used colour my hair… Now a days Hair loss is very high for me..While taking head bath, while brushing, while applying oil on scalpe all these times hair is lossing like anything.. Per day atleast 150-200 hair is falling.. Kinldy assist me on this problem.. What should i do to stop hair fall…
    Tell me some homeremadies.. Thanks in advance

  66. Jessica says

    I’m 14 &&’ I Straightened My Hair Everyday For About 4 Months . I’m Mixed – Black &&’ White – &&’ My Hair Used To Be SUPER Curly &&’ Now It’s Like Some Of My Hair Is Naturally Going Straight . I Got A Hair Cut &&’ Its Still Not Going Back ! Any Suggestions ?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jessica, it sounds like it may be damage from too much hair straightening. Give your hair a rest and it may come back but it will take some time. Good luck x

  67. rabiya says

    just use black sunsilk shampoo and if u want a great oil to grow your hairs taller and smoother if u live in hyderabad go to first lancer near masab tank there is a shop in which we get that oil it is great i love it it really works…..try it

  68. Maria says

    Very nice article, thank you for sharing this information. I have had problems with dry hair my entire life. My hair is very thick and sort of wavy, sort of curly (it’s a weird combination). I always thought my hair was not pretty and it was very, very difficult for me to style it, so I generally would end up with a ponytail. I recently discovered an awesome natural shampoo that has worked miracles for me. A friend of mine recommended it to me a few months back, and I am completely in love with it. It is super natural, it is not heavy and it leaves my hair super hydrated, soft and silky. In fact it is not even called shampoo, it is a cleanser, since it does not lather. I really recommend it. It is called OLEIM Hair cleansing and conditioning cream. It can be found on Amazon or at their website. The friend who recommended it has very thin hair and it works for her, so I think it would work on all hair types, since it works for both of us, and we have opposite hair types. Thought I would share this information, since it took me so long to finally find a product that cleanses my hair and leaves it feeling amazing!

  69. erica says

    I wash my hair everyday. I know that’s supposed to be bad. I started using the Shielo Hydrate Shampoo, my hair looks and feels so healthy. I barely need to use any shampoo, a quarter-size only, and I have a ton of hair. Typically I’ve had to rinse and repeat , but with Shielo – I use just the quarter-size and its perfect. Feels soooo good and its super hydrating.

    I would recommend this to any gal with thick hair prone to getting dry.

  70. Amanda Pendergrass says

    I have super frizzy, curly hair that I usually straighten…but I have a wedding coming up in September, and I’m wanting my hair to look healthier. I’m thinking about trying the whole “no shampoo” thing…but my one problem is that I have dandruff. If I just use dandruff conditioner, I’m going to have to apply it to my scalp. Will I still for the most part get the same effect? Or will applying to my scalp not help any?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amanda, it depends on the cause of your dandruff and what products your using. I would continue to use the products that work for you as directed and see how it goes. You might need to test a few product combinations to find one that works for you

  71. says

    My hair turned curly only a few years ago and I’m only now learning how to take care of it, comb it out, etc. Your blog is very useful to me. Very good information!

  72. lizbeth says

    my hair falls out a lot ! when I shower, after I shower, when Im doing my hair, when im just sitting down strands come out… I shower everyday since I go to the gym and my scalp gets sweaty. what do you recommend I can use to stop my hair from falling out so much. Id really appreciate the help!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Lizbeth, there are so many reasons why your hair can fall out so it’s not a simple solution. It’s normal to lose around 100 hairs every day. If you’re losing significantly more than this I would chat to your doctor to try and work out the cause. Things like stress, medication, hormones and your immune system all play a part in healthy hair growth. Christina

  73. says

    Hello Hair Romance,

    Your discussion on daily hair maintenance is lovely and thank you for all the positive energy!
    I am Asian and ethically Chinese, in my early thirties and have thin, fine hair, which is slightly wavy, and an oily scalp. I have had a history of hair loss due to sunbathing, stress, hormones and chemical treatments like excessive dyeing. I live in a tropical country with high humidity and genetically perspire easily. As such, to feel clean, I shampoo and condition my hair twice a day. I have tried clarifying shampoos once a month and have used hair masks. I tried alternating one of them with dry shampoo but a hairstylist said it was contributing to hair fall. I don’t like how I look with my hair up as I have a broad face and am plus sized. Any advice on daily hair maintainance, hair growth and how long between dyeing hair?

  74. Sarah says

    Great tips:)

    I have very straight hair but my 2 year old daughter has very curly hair Tht is different lengths so it’s driving me crazy!
    My questions are:
    Any advice to make it grow faster?
    And the curls look fine but becos she young she keeps messing it and never looks good but the main problem is when she sleeps. Next morning her hair is a mess. It’s like it’s electrified! Wht shud I do abt Tht? Wash it every morning?


    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sarah, curly hair grows a bit slower than straight hair, plus the curl always makes it look shorter. Don;t worry, it will grow but it’s always slow when kids are young. I was practically bald until I was 2 1/2 years old but I more than make up for that now :) You can make up a conditioner spray to help keep her hair tidy. In a water spray bottle mix 1 part conditioner to 5-10 parts water (try it and see what works best). Spray it on the ends of her hair when you want to comb it with a wode tooth comb or to tame it in the mornings. Hope this helps xx

  75. Denise says


    Thanks for this post. It’s nearly 5am here in London and I just can’t sleep cos of this problem. I’ve recently gone natural and I’m loving it. I co-wash a couple of times a week and wash with shampoo once every 2 weeks followed by a deep condition with my leave in. The problem is my scalp gets very itchy when I do these shampoo washes. MEGA itch! I never make it all the way through the preferred 8 hours or overnight length of the deep condition cos the itch gets so crazy. This is a problem I experienced when my hair was relaxed, I also notice that it happens to my baby boys hair when I wash it so I’m always rushing to put some oil on it to soothe it. I know you said about making sure shampoo isn’t on the scalp but any other advice cos I’m rocking a TWA (teeny weeny afro). It’s gonna be so hard to switch products cos here in the UK our product range is so limited for natural hair as it’s a fairly new trend. All help/advice is welcome. Thank you

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Denise, it sounds like you might have an allergy to one of the ingredients. Often sodium lauryl sulphate can cause irritations to the scalp. Look for a shampoo that is sulphate free. If it’s still causing you a problem, see your doctor to check for allergies. Good luck x

  76. Barnini says

    Hi! I am indian. I hav very long hair but it is very fine and rather thin. It has always been so and i kno it cant get any thicker. I am a busy person and hav to go out a lot. I comb my hair around two times a day. On normal days when i dont shampoo, sometimes i loose around 10 – 12 hairs total…sometimes it s 4 to 7 as well. But the days i shampoo i loose a total of about 35 to 40 hairs. I dont get to shampoo very often as i dont get the time…but on an average i shampoo ones a week. Howevr sometimes to get rid of the oily parts in front i only shampoo the front portion of my scalp. My question is if doing so is good. Also i would like to know if the amount of hair i am loosing evry day and after shampooing is normal or excess. When i ask most girls around me about their daily shed they say its about 4 or 5 and that makes me worried. But again my hair is very long much longer than almost all girls i know. So can you please tell me if my hair loss is normal or is it too high. I keep reading about loosing 100 hairs a day being normal…but somehow i find that measure to be a bit dubious. Btw…loved your post. :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Barnini, it’s true that it’s normal to lose around 100 hairs a day. I definitely lose that much, as I find hair on my clothes and furniture haha. When I wash my hair is when I lose the most hair too. It sounds like your hair is very healthy :)

  77. LAURA says

    Hi!! I’m so so happy to find your blog!!! My hair is like yours,I have the same tipe of wave! I use the curl enhancer from Aveda to define my curls too and be sure I`m going to try the style prep after read your post “how to style curly hair”.
    I would like to know which it’s your favorite shampoo, (maybe from Aveda too?) I need more definition and less flyaways… Thank you very much for your blog, it’s very helpfull!!

    Ohh… I forget, I’m spanish so please forgive the possible mistakes!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Laura! I like the Aveda Be curly and Dry Remedy shampoos. I also love Original & Mineral Hydrate & Conquer. At the moment I’m using Kerastase Discipline which is excellent. I try lots of shampoos and I prefer a sulphate free shampoo. Also be gentle with how you style your hair. Don’t rub your hair with a towel and you will immediately have less flyaways. Thanks for reading Hair Romance! Christina x

  78. Cheyenne says

    I have exema on my scalp. You say only use conditioner but can I wash my hair once a week with shampoo and still get the same sort of effect?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Cheyenne, choose a product that is gentle and doesn’t exacerbate your eczema. Definitely use shampoo if you have one that works for you.

  79. Chloe says

    I found this on pinterest. I have curly hair and this works wonders. But my hair is getting thinner from brushing it out. I also get split ends super fast?? Any help?? I want my thick healthy hair back!!!!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Chloe, it sounds like you may be brushing too much or need a different type of brush. Be careful when brushing wet hair as this is when you can cause the most damage. Give yourself a head massage to encourage blood flow to your hair follicles and do a hydrating treatment on the ends of your hair x

  80. Ella ogorman says

    Hi, ive tryed a lot of things with my hair but its always frizzy. Its really damaged and dry. I hardly ever use heat and when i do i use a protecting spray. What should i do to make it less frizzy and dry?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Ella, use a conditioning treatment or hydrating hair masque once a week. It will help moisturise your hair and make it less prone to frizz x

  81. Mary says

    My head has many empty spaces. and my hair are also thin even though im just a teenager. any suggestion how to have thicker and fuller scalp. desperately need good hair

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Mary, it’s not always about good hair, it’s about loving the hair you have. Just as there is really thick hair, it’s normal to have fine hair too. If you notice you have bald spots or are losing a lot of hair, talk to your parents and your doctor to make sure there isn’t a medical cause. Reduce stress as this can really affect your hair and give yourself a gentle head massage every day. Good luck xx

  82. sarah says

    hmm i always thought the “rinse and repeat” was nonsense too however recently my hairdresser suggested it and explained to me why it works. (especially since i have oily roots and dry ends)
    she said you only need a small amount, and you should work it into your roots for a few minutes. it will barely lather (if you have a good quality shampoo) because it’s soaking into and lifting up all the dirt and oil etc.
    rinse, (your hair will feel knotty and dry), and then repeat. The second time, even with the same small amount of shampoo, you will defintely see the lather happen. Then rinse again, which washes all the gross away.
    (your hair shouldn’t really lather when you first wash it, especially if you use a lot of products like hair spray. you need to loosen up the crud first. this is why most shampoos are filled with sulfates, which create lather)

    anyway after trying this for a few weeks, (i shampoo every 3 days at best), my hair is less oily for longer, and it seems to have more volume at the roots after washing. Also, i had an itchy red scalp which went away…

    • Hair Romance says

      that makes sense, Sarah. Glad to hear it’s working and having great results for you. I notice with sulphate free shampoos it takes two shampoos to get a lather.

  83. says

    I’m just starting to realize I may have been co washing improperly for months. I co-wash my curly, thick hair every 3-4 days. The other day however (after two days) I noticed I had really bad, itchy buildup on my scalp, and that it might be a result of scrubbing my head with conditioner each time I cleanse. I’m going to attempt water rinses, but the hair at my crown is very dry and frizzy, leaving me to look like I have a lion’s mane. Is there any product I can apply afterwards to hair closest to my head to tame and help seal moisture?

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