30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles – Day 3

What do you think of the Hair Romance 30 Dos in 30 Days challenge so far?

Day 3 – Messy Twist and Pin Side Ponytail

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If you want to see some of the other styles featured in my ebook, take a look at some of the other 30 Days of Twist & Pin.

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At Hair Romance we want you to love your hair. You wear it every day so, wear it well.

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  1. Charlotte says

    I really love all of the ones you've done so far, but i'm a bit rubbish at recreating them – would you be able to do some tutorials as well? Especially for this one. it's lovely :)

  2. Kaitlyn says

    Loving them, I must figure out how to have a bit of skill to attempt a recreation of my own.

  3. leila says

    so, so happy i found your blog :). i don't quite know how i'll ever be able to do all of these hairstyles but i'm going to try! at least a cute bun haha.

    love this one!

  4. Me, my best and I says

    Love ! this is my fav so far. My bridesmaid had similar for my wedding. Something a little Bridget Bardot about it!!

  5. Eliza says

    Oh my oh my oh my. I want this one. It's everything I ever wanted in a hair style. Please do a tutorial???

  6. Hair Romance says

    thank you lovelies xxx

    My first ebook – 30 Days of Twist & Pin hairstyles is coming out on 1 June!
    It will have all the instructions for these styles and more hair tips.

    Christina @ Hair Romance

  7. Annalyse says

    This is seriously THE PERFECT STYLE!! I'm so excited that I found it, because I can see myself wearing it everywhere from school, to the pool, to a party, or even to look super cute at the gym:)

  8. says

    I love the idea of wearing my hair in simple updos but can NEVER get bobby pins to stay in my hair. They always fall out. So I end up having it in a boring ponytail almost all the time. Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

    • Hair Romance says

      It could be the bobby pins. I only use really strong professional pins as cheaper ones fall out of my hair too. Make sure you don’t open the pin too much either as if you have too much hair in the pin it can’t grip. I like Goriki pins and you can buy these from hairdressing supply shops or as your salon to get some for you.

  9. says

    Hi, I really love this style but i have no idea how to recreate it lol. Will it work with a thin textured hair? it is natually wavy though. i dont usually do much with it because i have no idea what to do lol. thanks 😀

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Katie, this is just a twisted ponytail but I started with big blowdried hair with lots of curl. It won’t look exactly the same in fine hair but it’s still easy to do.

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