Hair Romance TV 2 – French Twist & Pin Hairstyle How To

Here’s the second episode of Hair Romance TV with a super quick hairstyle how to!

Here’s a link to Hair Romance TV’s first video in case you missed it.

If you’re in Sydney you’ll know this was taken last week as it is awful weather now. Winter has truly hit and it’s cold and pouring with rain. Hopefully the sun will be back next week.

Thanks to the very talented Nick Beswick for the beautiful original soundtrack to my video.

Once you get the hang of the twist and pin you can do your hair anywhere, even without a mirror.

Here is the French Twist & Pin style from the video and click here for the picture tutorial. I just realised I wore spots that day too!


You may notice my hair is a little different. I recently had a cut and colour at the Art of Hair in Beecroft, Sydney. The charming Joel did a fab job with my colour and the lovely Sam gave me a fantastic cut. This is my hair two days after having it done –
My new colour in the sunshine
My new colour in the shade
I love it! New hair always makes me feel better.
What did you think of Hair Romance TV episode 2? What would you like to see in future videos?
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  1. Chelsea says

    This video was AWESOME! I can't wait to get some decent hair pins and give it a try. More instructional videos like this would be great– I feel like I could actually do it!

  2. Emily says

    Great colour! And I was super excited because I did a twist and pin look yesterday (I did three buns at the nape of my neck) even though I was so cold without hair to keep my neck warm 😉

  3. Hair Romance says

    Thank you everyone!! Lots of practice and it really is that easy xxx

    @Chelsea & @Heather & @CupcakesOMG – Ise Goriki brand pins. I think you can buy them on Amazon and salon supply stores. Ask your hairdressers, they are the BEST and make such a difference. One pin will hold what 4 drugstore pins will hold in my hair (and they stay in!)

    Christina @ Hair Romance xxx

    PS. Blogger is not letting me comment again! Sorry if anyone else is having problems

  4. Anonymous says

    German… argh!
    But I just love your site anyways, so I'll stay patient and wait a little longer than the rest.
    Keep up the great styles! (And if you feel in the mood, I'd really, really appreciate something wearable for a wedding, because there's one coming up next months, and I don't know what to do at all…)

  5. Me, my best and I says

    Boo for some reason I'm copyright blocked too, your new colour is lush- very natural. I am dying to get mine done, it always feel sso much fresher.. next week I think

    • Hair Romance says

      I love Goriki pins (sometimes branded 333) but any strong professional quality hair pin will do

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