Why won’t my hair grow past my shoulders? – Hair Romance reader question

Does this make my hair look longer?

Does your hair stop growing at a certain length? Do you find you can’t seem to grow your hair past a certain point no matter how hard you try?

Hair Romance reader Breanna felt this way and sent in her question:

I’ve searched the internet, read forums and message boards, and asked my hair stylist, but I still can’t seem to get a straight answer. Does hair stop growing at a certain length? My fine hair seems to grow a few inches past my shoulders before stopping. I’ve had extensions, but I’d like long hair that’s mine. I’ve used mane and tail, taken hair vitamins, done weekly olive oil treatments, had regular trims, you name it. So is it a lost cause, or is there hope yet?

Well Breanna, I have an answer but I’m not sure it’s what you want to hear.

Yes, hair does stop growing at a certain length. I spoke to a hairdresser, a scientist and a trichologist and the trichologist was the most helpful.

First up, I know you’re wondering, what’s a trichologist? Trichology is the paramedical study of the health of the hair and scalp.

So to further answer your question, hair growth is really quite individual as there are many factors that affect it.

Hair has a growth cycle of approx 24-48 months, and grows approx 1cm per month. So depending on the individual (and this depends on both genetic and environmental factors) your hair will grow to 24-48cm long before it falls out.

Some people have a longer hair growth cycle of up to 7-10 years and so they can grow their hair to crazy lengths.

This is the kind of crazy hair I mean. I do not recommend this look.

Your hair growth cycle is genetic, and so you can’t make your hair grow for a longer period of time. The only other way to get long hair is to make your hair grow faster during the 24-48 month growth cycle.

How to make your hair grow faster

Your hair growth is affected by your metabolism. So if you can speed up your metabolic rate you can make your hair grow faster. Your metabolism is set by both genetic and environmental factors. Changing your diet will have an impact on your hair. Eating a high protein diet with good levels of iron and zinc can make your hair grow faster. Silica supplements don’t make a significant difference, but making sure you are eating a diet high in iron and protein will help.

Also, to keep your long hair looking beautiful, be kind to your hair. There’s no point growing your hair super long if it looks awful and is in bad condition. If you want long hair it needs to be well looked after for a very long time.

If you want really long hair, maybe you should stop colouring your hair and keep heat styling to a minimum. By avoiding these environmental stresses on your hair, you give your hair the best chance to grow and look fabulous. Your hair will also love you back if you spoil it with a conditioning treatment once a week.

Have you noticed that your hair stops growing at a certain length? Have you ever noticed your hair growing faster?

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  1. Maribeth (Obsessive Cosmetic Hoarders Unite!) says

    You know, I never really thought about this, but it makes total sense. I've had my hair extremely short for the past 7 years and just recently began growing it out (SO painful…taking forever!) so I am paying more attention now. I have been being extra nice to it in hopes that when it finally grows, it will be in good shape!

    • Teressa says

      I agree with the article. However, I have something to add to it. I wanted my hair long. My girlfriend who has hair to the floor told me this, then we tested it on my hair. The moon controls many things on earth, the tide, weather etc. When we did a hole on a full moon and put the dirt back in the hole, there isn’t enough soil to fill the hole. On a new moon if we dig a hole and put the dirt back in, there is too much soil. The affect of the moon drawing moisture out of the atmosphere. Anyway, she told me if I didn’t want my hair to grow, trim it, even a tiny bit on a full moon. IF I wanted it to grow, trim on a NEW MOON! We measured my hair and for almost a year trimmed it on a full moon. Then we measured it and trimmed it on a new moon. Seriously and truthfully, it grew so much faster on a NEW MOON! I believe planets affect us humans like they do our weather etc. We don’t have a protective shield around us. The moon pulls the ocean tide. Of course it affects us, we made up of about 70% water! 😉 Won’t hurt to try for those of you who don’t believe scientific facts. 😉

    • Alison says

      lol. It’s not that it “stops” growing… it’s just that the rate it breaks off is faster than the rate it grows. My hair wouldn’t grow past my shoulders either… at least that’s what I thought. Then I stopped washing my hair everyday… I shower, aka wash my body everyday. Except I only wash my hair every three, sometimes four days, or whenever it starts to look greecy which isn’t very fast. I also stopped straightening my hair and using other heat products… not to mention, stopped focusing on the fact I wanted long hair and buying every damn product under the sun to make it do so. Without the contact sulfate from shampoo drying it out, heat products frying it off, and products weakening it before I knew it, it was past my boobs. It grew about an inch a month for 6 months. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I literally, thought that my hair WASN’T able to grow…. it is sooo healthy and nice now. The very bottom of my hair was the middle of my hair when I began all of this so the bottom of my long hair had split ends four inches high. I cut them off and, literally, four months later it was back to where it was(it great six inches and was past my boobs, super soft, and pretty thick) I actually got 26 inch extensions and they looked great because they were only 3 inches shorter than my actual hair so it didn’t look so strange… also before human hair extensions were so much softer than my hair I liked when they would get a little worn because it would match my hair texture. NOW my hair is silkier than the extensions… it’s a really strange answer but it’s the truth… if you want long hair stop trying… only wash your hair as few times as possible(don’t let it get gross but it shouldn’t be washed everyday and dry as hell…. things only break off when there what? DRY.), stop using so many products besides non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner, maybe only a scalp stimulating product, use a detangler to prevent breakage after showering and maybe a nice once a week a serious conditioner for an hour, and use heat products as least as you can maybe rock some beachy waves? or if you have to use heat products make sure to use a heat protectant and do a style that will last all week… bottom line LEAVE IT ALONE

  2. CupcakesOMG! says

    wow, this is so helpful!! I've been wanting my hair to be waist length for like years, but it always stops at about my bra strap. I have noticed more regular trims seem to help (having gone from 1 a year to 3 or 4!), but still, it's not as long as I wish it were. Fascinating stuff!! Even if it is a little disappointing…


  3. Cassidy Thomas says

    Falls out? I just had this awful image of waking up with all my hair on my pillow.

    Those are the kind of nightmares I have. Haha


  4. Anonymous says

    This is EXTREMELY interesting!!! I have always had hair at around shoulder length and is extremely curly and always wanted LONGER hair. Now I know why when it gets about 2 inches past my shoulders I can't do anything. It is ALOT healthier now that I have been caring for it properly so it is MUCH easier to manage!

  5. Hair Romance says

    @Maribeth – I hate that grow-out stage. Try getting creative with ahir accessories and hats, helped me get through mine!

    @CupcakesOMG – same. I always wanted mermaid hair but my hair is never going to get there, sigh. i'd probably just complain about how heavy it was and how long it took to dry anyway 😉

    @Cassidy Thomas – eek! It's ok, I should have said that your hair is in a continuous growth cycle where you lose about 100 hairs a day so you won't ever wake up to a hairy pillow!

    @Anonymous – It's definitely better to have healthy hair than long hair, healthy hair loves you back!

  6. Breanna says

    Thanks for answering my question!

    At the moment I'm not sure whether I should cut my hair into a shorter, more layered style or hold out hope that it might grow longer if I'm very patient. It's a hard thing to accept that it might not grow much more!

    My problem is that my hair is quite fine, so this in between stage isn't so flattering. Decisions, decisions!

    • hellenB says

      Good luck and don’t give up. I haven’t ” cut ” my hair in almost 5years. It was at ear length then and now it’s at my waist. I moisturize every day, stopped dying and only blow dry and straighten with products once a week. I get complemented every where I go so it lets me know all these years of dedication are paying off. You will sooner or later get to your goal and love it too. Again Good Luck.

      • Abzz says

        Hiya just a quick question how long did you hair stay at ear stage and does your hair normally grow fast if not what did u do differently???

        • Hair Romance says

          Hi Abzz, I’m not exactly sure as it was a while ago. The interesting thing with hair is that it takes about 3 months or any lifestyle changes to change your hair. You have to think long term, and focus on eating well and minimising stress. Good luck x

  7. miss chew says

    This is such an interesting article! I must be having a longer cycle as my hair is starting to get quite long and my diet is pretty healthy these days too. Strange that at a point the individual hair will fall out. I hope it will keep growing!

  8. Hair Romance says

    @Breanna – Thanks for a great question! Tough choice, growing out is the worst. I think I would accept that your hair won't grow long and to embrace a cut that makes the most of your hair.

    @miss chew – your hair is super long and always looks amazing. Keep doing what you're doing!

  9. Lauren Alice says

    Great post! I will definitely lay off the curling iron! My hair was stuck at boring shoulder length for ages and I used Lee Staffords hair growth treatment. I was dubious at first but it really worked! I also find that trying not to wash my hair too often makes it grow quicker (could not be achieved without dry shampoo!!)

    Gorgeous blog!

  10. nicola lynde. says

    Completely agree. I didn't cut my hair for three years (shouldn't say that too loud on here, but then again you know my beauty routine, so makes sense) and it stayed more or less the same length. Even now that it's had some TLC it still stays around the same length, not that I'm complaining at all!

  11. Melody says

    The longest I've had mine is at the middle of my back. I'm not sure if it won't get any longer than that or if I just always got bored around that time and chopped it off!

  12. Monique {Oh Darling Bride} says

    Wow, I found that so interesting and it's given me all the more reason to workout a little more regularly :) Thanks so much!

    • Shawna says

      Oh gosh, me too! :) after reading this i went straight outside and ran for an hour. wasnt much, but doing this can also make me loose a couple pounds and make my hair grow.

  13. Rachel says

    Great post! It makes so much sense! Anyways, I was wondering if taking Biotin daily would help grow out hair faster.

  14. kpriss says

    wow! I never thought it was as radical as this – coping with hair not growing because I didn't have a healthy diet or because I didn't take good care of it was easier to chew on than living with a shorter hair life. Oh well (sigh).

    I have the exact same problem – no matter how long and hard I try, my hair doesn't seem to grow after a certain point. The only time this happens and in great health, is when I'm pregnant. Could it have anything to do with hormones as well?

    • Char says

      It’s my understanding that it does having something to do with hormones i.e. if you’re pregnant, you tend to grow hair very fast and then it stops or falls out or goes back to normal. Also, you can lengthen your growth stage by taking MSM (a sulfur) you can buy at any health food store. However, it just makes my hair very THICK!!! I no longer cut my hair because all it does it make it shorter. My hair grows super, super, super, sloooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! Cutting it makes it grow back fast, but then it goes back to it’s old routine. I wish I knew of something that no only lengthens the Anagen (growth) phase, but also lengthens the LENGTH phase.

  15. Annette @ Wellness WA says

    I agree with the vitamin and healthy eating bit!

    I found my hair was growing strong and like weeds when I had a diet high in omega and healthy oils and fats too x

  16. relentlessabundance says

    Another grow-your-hair tip from a top stylist in my city (he says his product suppliers hate him for it but…) – apparently using horse shampoo does amazing things for hair growth. It's often prescribed for chemo patients, and when I asked at my local vet, they said they sell loads of it to people trying to grow their hair. Not sure what the active ingredient is, but it does seem to work.

  17. Hair Romance says

    @Lauren Alice – Thank you! Will have to try that Lee Stafford prod. What would we do without dry shampoo?!

    @nicola lynde – haha no judging here :)

    @Melody – I never let mine get long enough to find out either!

    @Monique {Oh Darling Bride} – Thank you!

    @Rachel – Thanks! I'm not sure about Biotin. I'll look into it.

    @kpriss – Pregnancy has a huge effect on your hair! I don't know from personal experience, but anecdotal evidence from friends says your hair grows like crazy. Hormones make a big difference, and pregnancy puts your whole body into a different gear.

    @Annette @ Wellness WA – Diet is so important (not just for your hair)

    @relentlessabundance – that is the craziest and most interesting tip! I am going to look into that…

  18. Mrs B says

    I am one of those people whose hair seems to never stop growing. It is extremely thick (amount of hair) but the individual hairs are very fine. I cut it chin length once and it took approximately 9 years (with regular trims) to grow it waist length again. Although a love to have it really long, it is so much work (and can be expensive) to keep it looking healthy. My favorite length is just below shoulder blade – it feels "long" but cuts maintenance time in half (and saves a fortune on hair products). Just my 5 cents :)

  19. Hair Romance says

    @Mrs B – I wish my hair would gro wot waist length! I agree that shoulder blade length hair is really versatile!

  20. jodie says

    I have waist length hair which has taken me 5 years to grow from shoulder or just above. I highly recommend mane N tail shampoo and conditioner but only use it once a week, the other time i use inecto coconut shampoo and conditioner. I wash only 2x a week and do not blow dry my hair or use heat appliances on it.

    What happens is when you use heat, it makes the older ends fragile and so they split and break off, so whatever you grow, you lose in breakage. Id guess those of you who cannot grow past shoulders are using heat and washing too often.

    Regarding shampoos, dilute them and try sulphate free ones; much gentler on the hair, conditioners use moisturising ones that say for damaged hair it helps those older ends. When your hair is long enough to put up, buy either olive oil or coconut oil and using a pea sized amount, rub your hands together and spread this on the bottom few inches of your hair, this will act as a barrier and help prevent breakage and then put your hair up.

    Trim individuality splits as you see them and only trim every 3-4 months and only then have a teeny bit taken off.

    Follow these steps for 12 months and you will have longer hair; i guarantee that! pre natal vits helped me as did having a tablespoon of peanut butter a day! seriously try it!!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      Fantastic advice Jodie! Agree about too much heat styling & over-washing causing damage and breakage to your hair. I haven’t heard about the peanut butter before, is that to add protein to your diet?

  21. Alexis says

    This is stupid. I do not believe it how does your hair know when it’s the same length? It doesn’t it’s just dead cells. It grows and falls out but it never stops growing.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Alexis, You’re right, the hair shaft is dead but the hair follicle grows. Each follicle grows at approx the same rate and has the same life cycle based on your genetics and environmental factors such as your diet, and if you dye or heat style your hair. There is a rolling cycle of growth and if your hair grows 1 cm per month and has a cycle of 4 years your hair will only grow to 48cm long. Your hair always keeps growing but will only grow to a certain length in that time before it falls out.

      • lala says

        I’m having trouble believing that’s all there is to the story, too. I don’t think it’s “stupid”, but if the whole point is that there is a limited amount of time for each follicle to grow hair, and a certain amount it can grow per month, then cutting it would only take away some of the possible total length. However, we’ve read that many people get longer hair by the end if they get regular trims. Sure, it may keep the hair healthy, but what if if I cut six inches off, those same follicles keep the hair growing to the same expected length, don’t they?

        Because if it’s all as simple as Hair Romance stated, then I would never reach 48″ if I ever got a trim, certainly not if I ever cut the same hairs that I wanted to reach that 48″ more than six inches. I would have to wait until I had all new hair growths and not trim those hairs, I guess.

        Consider (sorry to gross anyone out, but…) pubic hairs and leg hairs. They don’t keep growing after a certain point; they seem to know what length they want to be. If you trim them, they will grow back in to about the same length they were before, (possibly longer if you keep trimming, who knows?) but you can do this multiple times with the same few hairs before they fall out, meaning, the same hair follicle can stop growing, and start growing, the hair within its growth cycle multiple times, can’t it?

        Maybe that’s wrong, but isn’t there anything that gives the sensitive nerves in the follicles a sense for how long the hair is, maybe it’s weight or something? My leg hair does the same thing. How does it know?

        • Hair Romance says

          Hi lala, trims don’t make your hair grow faster, but they stop damage and split ends travelling further up your hair. This means you won’t need to cut more off and your long hair will be healthy. Each follicle has a set growth pattern which can be sped up by increasing your metabolism.

  22. Jessica says

    Thank you all for putting your thoughts onto the internet! I have been wondering for a while about the cycle of hair growth. I didn’t realize until I was in college for a few years and so many people coming up to me telling me their stories of not being able to grow their hair out. I am fortunately lucky to have hair down to my behind. I didn’t realize that hair had a certain length but it does make sense that your genetics have a key role in how long your hair will grow. I have wanted my hair to grow even longer but this seems to be my length until my metabolism hopefully speeds up a bit. I have started to take my daily chewable vitamins; since I do believe that chewing a vitamin will help in the absorption. Thanks Again! :)

  23. Anna says

    I have noticed a very long time ago when I was a teen that my hair doesn’t grow past my shoulders. It didn’t really shock me that much since my mom’s hair doesn’t grow at all. The only thing that saddens me is that whenever I am stressed out (which is almost every year, this past decade), my hair just stops growing. It barely goes past my neck nape.

    • Hair Romance says

      I’m sorry to hear that Anna, stress has so many effects on our body and it’s easy to see the damage to our hair.

  24. Kelly says

    Hi, thank you for this. I just wanted to ask abouit hair loss. I’m 16 and my hairs been falling out for a year. It was sooo long and thick and beautiful and now its just not right. I was just wondering if you think a haircut would stop it.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kelly, I’m so sorry to hear that. Getting a haircut can help your hair look thicker but it won’t stop the hair loss. There are lots of reasons such as diet and stress that can affect your hair. It could also be medical such as hormones, thyroid or other conditions. I recommend seeing your doctor to see if there is an underlying cause. There are some products that can help that I am testing at the moment but you need to find out the cause. Good luck. Christina x

  25. Veronica sanchez says

    Hi im a female and I started perming my hair at a young age..I remember I had a lot of hair back then and long up to my shoulders….but as the years past by my hair started to get shorter, alot of split ends, dryed. point was that my hair was completely damaged…every time I used to cut my ends it never managed to grow back …my hair was so longer on my shoulders it was above my neck. I also did extensions but that made my hair even more damaged….

    so I decided to shave my whole head..I shaved it at the end of january and my hair been growing but not fast enough…and I decided to go natural and not perm my hair this time…..my question to you is how can I make my hair grow faster…are there some products I could use? But most importantly is my hair going to grow at my shoulders again? That’s my main concern, for it to be long and healthy

    Thank you

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Veronica, you’ve been on a massive hair journey! The best way to get long healthy hair is to watch what you eat. You have to put good things in to get good results. A healthy balanced diet is important and speeding up your metabolism is key to faster hair growth. Some supplements can help but check with your doctor or dietician before starting. Try not to flat iron your hair too as this can cause breakage which will slow doen your progress. Stay away from the perms too as it will damage your hair and slow it down. Good luck!

  26. Jesua Holmes says

    About 4 years ago I had a bad perm and was forced to cut my hair. Its been nearly 6 years now and my hair hasn’t grown passed my shoulders.my sister has been doing treatments for the last two years because my hair lacks moisture. My edges don’t lay down and in the crown of my head is shorter than the rest of my hair I have a lot of stress because of it and it causes it to break more. I have no idea what to do now

  27. D-hickson says

    I don’t understand my hair! Okay so my hair is really short and medium-sized spots on the side have none. I’m 11 and I get made fun of. Can somebody please help. this sort of help me so i will try to eat more healthier.

    • Hair Romance says

      It could be psoriasis or a form of alopecia. I would see your doctor to find out the cause. And ignore the kids who tease you xx

  28. says

    I am 48 years old and changed my diet 5 years ago by eating healthier because my cholesterol was high. I incorporated more fruits and vegetables in my diet and eat plenty of fish with omega 3 in them. I take biotin 5000 mcg, b6, hair vitamins and multivitamins and my hair won’t even reach my shoulders whereas it used grow near the middle of my back. Does age play a role in hair shortage because I condition my hair 2 to 3 times a week and now I’m getting frustrated. What else can I do to get my hair to grow back to length I grew up with?

    • Hair Romance says

      HI Lady G, unfortunately hair does change with age. Maybe chat to your hairdresser about your hair condition and the best routine for your hair now. Sounds like you are doing all you can x

      • LadyLula says

        I understand and sympathise with you Lady G. When I had my second child just over 13 years ago, I had long curlyish hair. Length wise, it reached jut below my bra strap and comfortably fell over my shoulders to boob length. At my first post-baby hair appointment, the stylist recommended cutting the “extra pregnancy growth rats-tails” off. I agreed because it needed tidying. Subsequently, my hair has never grown beyond my shouders and is now very curly/frizzy and dry. Can’t find anything to help. Its not really long enough to put up or into the styles I used to … so I’m stuck with a dry and frizzy mess. Hate it!

  29. Bridget says

    My hair is very short and i’ve had about 10 hair cuts my whole entire life. I’m 19 almost 20. My hair has never grown past my ears. I’ve had so many test done and everything is normal. My hair is finally starting to grow a tiny bit more. But i still don’t have enough for any sort of pony tail. I am miserable. I was bullied half my life because i was constantly mistaken for a boy. I mean at least twice a day someone would ask my mother how old her ‘son’ was. I am on a mission to figure out what the hell is wrong with my hair. If anyone can help please give me some advice. that’s not ‘accept your fate’, heard that all. No it’s not happening. i want at least shoulder length hair! My hair is very thin and in the past i had colored it a lot but for the past two years i haven’t touched it. I never use any heat ever. It’s a strawberry blonde color. I heard that gingers hair grows slower. I want my hair to grow. I haven’t found a single person in my situation. I hope whatever f’d up genes i have don’t pass over to my daughter because it has been pure torture. Kids are ruthless and society is unforgiving. Girls have long hair boys have short hair. I can’t pull off the real short ‘pixie’ cut. Please help me.

    • heather says

      Bridget..my hair will not grow at all. I havent had a hair cut in 3 years and it keeps breaking off. Will not grow past my ears. I do in fact color my hair on the reg. I went from bleaching it to dying it black now. I actually went and bought a wig and hairpieces. It makes me feel better when I feel like a boy too honey!

    • Brigitte says

      I am in the same boat. My hair is totally fine/thin and not a lot of it. (My nick name in HS was Ghandi, cuz you could see my scalp). Currently it is about 2 inches long. I have been slowly cutting off the damaged hair over the last 9 months. I have been dying my hair since I was 14 and am 45 now.

      For the last 9 months I’ve been using a coconut oil treatment on my hair which has helped my damaged, dyed hair. Beginning in March 2013, I started doing this hair mask twice a week: heat up a tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a dash of olive oil (I actually heat all this together on a double boiler: pot of water and a small metal mixing bowl). Mix this with an egg yolk. Saturate hair, wrap with plastic, cover with a towel, and let it sit for at least 30 minutes. I also use the honey/coconut oil/olive oil mixture as a mask on my face. My skin just loves honey! BTW, honey will lighten your hair. This treatment has drastically improved the quality of my hair, BUT, my hair was still not growing at all.

      After researching the internet, I learned about monistat which has amazing before and after photos. You can buy the generic version for about $5. I have used it for a week and a half. After my hair not growing at all, it grew 1/8 of an inch over one week.

    • Tazzie says

      Hi Bridget
      I understand your plight. My hair has been short my entire childhood and young adult years. I am 39 now and have begun my healthy hair journy. I researched to find out what I was doing detrimental to my hair and I found:
      1. Relaxing to often. I now wait 10-12 weeks between relaxer and make sure I coat the previously relaxed ends with a good conditioner and Jamacian Black Castor oil to prevent any relaxer over lap.
      2. Know my moisture/ protein balance.
      3. Sleep in a silk or satin scarf at night. EVERYNIGHT.
      4. Shampoo with sulfate-free shampoo.
      5. Deep condition after every shampoo.
      6. Hair vitamins
      8. Do a hard protein AT LEAST 1x a month.
      9. Moisturise and seal at night
      10 Be patient. Identify the things you are doing wrong and correct it, but you wont see results overnoght, you gotta have patience.

  30. renee says

    I have been very ill on lots of medications & due to less and less use of my hands i cutt my hair super short now it won’t grow its very depressing and im getting teased i look like a little boy my husband to be hates it please help me

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Renee, I’d talk to your doctor to see if any of your medications can be affecting your hair or your metabolism. I’m sure it will grow back, but it always takes time. Christina x

  31. Sheila says

    My daughter has very fine, curly, hair. Between the ages of 1 and 3, I never cut it hoping it would come in. I started trimming it but she hates to let me do it because it takes forever to grow back even the smallest amount. Now she can barely get it to a pony tail and the ends get soooo dry. We condition, condition and condition. It was interesting to see how much diet can affect this. I am going to add some vitamiins to her diet. She is now 7 and all she wants is long straight hair. Is she doomed?

    • Hair Romance says

      Oh she’s not doomed! Your hair can change many times during your life. Mine was dead straight and fine when I was little and then turned curly when I was a teen. Ask your hairdresser for some advice at her next cut.

  32. Hanna says

    When I was younger my hair seemed to grow so quickly and I think it was because i didn’t do anything to it! no straightening and no colouring and just kept it in a pony tail. It took just 2 years to get from shoulder length to halfway down my back! However now i’m really struggling, I’m 20 and it doesnt seem to want to get past my shoulders, I have a feeling it’s got something to do with the pill, I’m on Yasmin which stops my skin being too oily which in turn does not allow valuable nutrients to access my hair from my scalp. I suggest you girls get off pills that make your skin and scalp dry and it will grow faster.

    • Nordlys says

      My hair sucks.
      It grows very fast (when I cut it short, it reached shoulder length in just 4 months). But when it reach shoulder blades, it stop to grow, totally.
      I never dye it, I never use iron and in almost never cut it, not even to split points because i never have it. I can also brush it easily.
      I don’t even take medicine, so…

      • Hair Romance says

        Sounds like you’re doing all the right things but it’s genetic. The good news is shoulder length hair and super short cuts are really on trend x

  33. Sonia says

    I had the same problem. I read on the Internet if you put prenatal vitamins in your shampoo it will help it grow faster. So I got tail and mane shampoo wit the vitamins in And now my hair is almost to my waist.it really works. I have gotten many compliments on how my hair is growing and I don’t get split ends. Shiny and soft too=)

  34. Stella says

    Some people may find that along with a healthy diet, caring for your hair to reduce breakage can also make a huge difference. No heat styling, less ponytail rubberband use, and conditioning have been mentioned, but I have also tried something else: No Poo. =) You can Google it, but basically it is staying away from the chemicals in shampoo, which can be damaging and either using nothing at all, or baking soda for “shampoo,” and Apple Cider Vinegar for “conditioner”. It may sound crazy, but that with a cold water rinse has greatly improved the condition of my fine hair, which currently reaches mid-back, the longest I have ever had it. Good luck to everyone, and here is a link to some information if you are interested: http://babyslime.livejournal.com/174054.html

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Stella, great point. I know lots of people who have amazing hair with the no poo. Unfortunately I do too many other things to my hair (eg. colour, styling) so I went back to shampoo but I switched to sulphate free products which has made a difference in my hair.

  35. says

    1mc per month? that has to be a very very low estimate. I cut about 10 inches off every year and donate it to Locks of love. However when it gets down to my waist it will stop growing. I did not donate yet this year and am about 4 months past when I usually cut it off and it is not any longer. :( I was hoping to grow it very long this year

    • Hair Romance says

      Your hair definitely grows faster than most, but everyone has a limit to where their hair grows. That’s great that you donate so much hair!

  36. Kristen says

    Interesting! I swore my hair grew incredibly fast at boot camp, but chalked it up to just not paying attention to it until the end. I put on about 2-3 inches in 2 months. I was working out constantly and eating twice as much as normal, so my metabolism was going crazy. And so was my hair, apparently. Now I know the secret!

    Now I just need to get past this awkward place where it’s too long to wear down and too short to put up. This blog is the only thing keeping me away from the scissors right now!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Kristen! Keep going, I know those in-between phases take forever but one day you wake up and your hair is long again :)

  37. says

    Yep, +1 on the healthy diet comment. There are even some great vitamin supplements that can really make your hair grow healthy (and faster). And for pete’s sake stay out of the sun or wear a scarf or hat. UV rays are terrible for your hair! Thanks for the the great post!

  38. Belle says

    Hi, i was wondering from been around 4 years of age i had hair i could sit on right up to been 20 with regular trims, i then decided to go for a bigger cut getting shorter and shorter untill about 3 years ago it was shorter than chin length. I am now growing it back and it is just above my bra strap at the back ( i did have a good 4″ cut not long back to get rid of a layer). My question is since my hair has been that long before does that mean even now at 31 with time and care it will grow back that long again. Thanks :-)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Belle, sounds like your hair grows quickly and it should reach the same length again. There are lots of factors that affect it (such as diet and environmental damages) but you’re not old enough to worry about ageing hair yet x

  39. Victor Rangel says

    I’m a male, and when i had my hair long it never grew past my shoulders neither. It was pretty damaged also so that may have been a factor in why, but I never did anything to it so idk it was lol. But now its short again.

  40. says

    my hair has been collar bone length for like seven or eight years now. when i was 11 and younger my hair grew down my back. but it got choped off by a jealous friend. so now my hair is extremely short and has been for a long time. i barely cut it and i dont cut it to maintain this length. so i wondering why it doesnt grow past this length.i do trim my ends regularly but not a big chop. i dont know why its not longer by now =( can anyone help me? you can message me on my tumblr account. allthingssami.tumblr.com

    • Hair Romance says

      I can’t believe a “friend” cut your hair! Sometimes it feels like it’s taking forever for your hair to grow but it is. Try to avoid heat styling your hair and make sure you’re eating a well balanced diet and your hair will grow back x

  41. Shawna says

    Hm, ill try this :’) hopefully it’ll work for me… i have indian in me… so i have really thick hair, its past my shoulders, but i want it longer… >.< and i have split ends as well… i cut them though…. thing is, i have alot of them…my hair was longer before… i never took care of it, straightened it everyday, i was a dumbass. now its too late.

  42. Katt says

    Interesting, I’ve always wanted long hair well for years and years anyways. There was a time I could grow my hair down to my waist but ever since I hit my mid 30’s onward my hair just doesn’t grow that long any more. Now the longest I could get it was just pass my shoulders. That and the fact that it grows a lot slower then it use to too. So it got me thinking does age also have part in hair growth?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Katt, yes it does and usually connected with metabolism. The same way we can’t eat as much as when we were younger and look the same, our metabolism affects our hair growth too. I think I may have missed my chance for mermaid hair :(

  43. Amy says

    Hi! Both my mother and my father have slow hair growth so I guess my hair will never grow past my shoulders :( I’m 15 and my hair is down to my shoulders and curly and I only straighten it a few times a year and when I do its really long. I cant seem to get it to grow though! I’m eating a lot of protein lately and taking fish oil and healthy hair, skin and nails vitamins and they do seem to be making my hair healthier but not longer. All I want is to get my hair down past my shoulders but my metobolism isn’t good :( Is there anything I can do to get it grow longer? I only want it a few inches longer :) Thanks for the truth :)

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi my, sounds like you’re doing all the right things. It takes 6-12 weeks to notice a difference from taking vitamins. Keep going and I hope you’ll notice a difference x

  44. Charlene says

    Hi! Nice post. I grew up with very thin, short hair, uneven hair. Last year it was the longest it’s ever been (bra strap length in some places). It was so uneven I cut it 1″ above my shoulders this past Feb. Now it’s 2″ past my shoulders. That means that it only grew 3″ in 9 months. (That only averages to 1″ every 3 months). I take supplements, drink plenty of water, watch what and how much I eat, limit sweets, don’t use sulphates, do hot oil treatments, etc. My hair keeps getting thicker, but it is not getting longer for some reason. It’s not breaking off either. So it’s just at a standstill. It’s been that way for the past 3 months. How much longer can it just do nothing? I know when my hair is growing and I know when it’s not. It looks so yucky! I don’t know what to do with it. Someone even thought that I had CUT IT!! Gee am I frustrated! All of the dermatologists said I have nothing to worry about and everything’s fine. No one can find anything wrong. My hair has also gotten so DRY that it literally looks like a brillo pad. But yet it’s very soft. Go figure? When I use coconut oil on it, my hair still looks dry and just feels oily (yuck!). Is there any type of supplements specifically for growing hair (lenghtwise) that anyone might know and FAST? Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Charlene, soudns like you’re doing everything right. There is a product called evolis which lengthens the growth phase of your hair which could help. Christina x

  45. Becca says

    Hey there! I am currently 12, turning 13 in less than a month. I have a small to medium amount if very fine hair that us a bit past shoulder length. By the time I was about 10 I wanted to grow my hair longer. It was about at the back of my neck when I started to try and grow it longer. It’s been 2-3 years and as I said before, my hair is a bit past shoulder length and I have been tryin to get it longer but it gets split ends so easily and my mom wants me to cut it short again but I REALLY want long hair that is about to my mid-back so I can cut it for cancer. Is there any way that you suggest to get it growing or to at least get the ends from getting split so easily?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Becca, I think it’s great that you want to grow your hair so that you can donate it. Some hair does tend to split more easily, but you can minimise this by making sure it is hydrated and by avoiding heat styling tools. Try using a conditioning treatment once a week on the midlengths to the ends of your hair. Where possible, don’t blowdry or flat iron your hair. Get regular trims to keep your split ends in check. If you don’t cut them off they can keep splitting your hair further up, meaning you need to cut off more hair. Good luck! Xx

    • Hair Romance says

      It might take a while to blow dry on cold. I still blowdry my hair, as I don’t have all day for it to dry. Just use a medium heat setting and don’t do it everyday :)

  46. Caron says

    Hello, Very useful page, thank you !

    Ive dyed my hair since i was in my teens, im now 42! I have very very thin, lifeless hair and it does not grow very fast. My diets not that great, so i guess that could improve it? also, should i try and grow out my hair colour ? {if it WILL grow at all}
    My hair colour is Plum, but would love to be blonde. How would i go about this pls?
    I know im asking two contradicting questions, but im just considering my options, would going blonde help it not look so thin? {as i hate my scalp showing through my hair} x

    Thank you

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Caron! Thanks for commenting. Unfortunately colouring your hair is damamging, so it’s probably not the best idea to go from plum to blonde quickly or you’ll cause more stress on your hair. It’s possible to change your colour but i would do it slowly so that it minimises the impact on your hair. Have a chat to your hairdresser about the options, and good luck!

  47. Alyss says

    My hair has always grown pretty fast and been pretty thick too and the longest I’ve it is to about my waist, when I was like 5 or 6, but last year I went for my biannual haircut and after that it stayed the same. I had no split ends and it looked like I had just trimmed my hair the day before even if five months had already passed. I feel like its falling out too much because when I tie it up it isn’t as thick as it was. Its still the same length it was before (around my shoulders) and I would like to know if its going to grow back or not.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Alyss, there are so many factors that affect your hair such as your diet, lifestyle, metabolism, medication, stress and health issues. Your hair won’t be the same as when you were 6 years old, but it sounds like your hair is in great condition without any split ends after 5 months. I wouldn’t worry and just have fun with your hair x

  48. Samantha says

    This was a very helpful article! I’m definitely going to be stopping by the drug store to pick up some vitamins very soon.

    I’m wondering about ways to keep your hair healthy even if you have to use styling tools every day (I work in a place where your hair needs to be styled, presentable, etc., so it becomes difficult trying not to use heat tools every day…). Any suggestions? I use a silk infusion serum when my hair is damp, and a heat protectant spray before I use a hair straightener, but I am using the tool every day. If I just blow dry my hair, it tends to get poofy or frizzy at the ends, and to be fair, I suck at styling it with a blow dryer on its own anyways.

    My hair honestly hasn’t grown much more than a couple of inches in what I’d guess is about 4 years now. It used to be so long and thick (and natural red hair!), but I can’t seem to get it to grow past my bra strap line on my back. So frustrating! I’ve tried the Mane ‘n Tail shampoos & conditioners, I eat a very healthy diet, and I’m only in my early 20’s, so I’m boggled.

    So, yes, any suggestions for ways to keep the hair healthy (and a good likelihood of getting these locks to grow!) even if I find myself using styling tools on a daily basis? I find it hard to believe that less than 10 years ago, all us ladies had were curlers and blow dryers to make our hair look fabulous; None of these 300 degree heat tools!

    Thanks, in advance!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Samantha! Have you tried using dry shampoo to give yourself a day between heat styling? I find if I straighten my hair well I can get it t last 2-3 days (sometimes even longer). Using dry shampoo on the second day will mean you don’t need to wash and style again. I also clip my hair up at night so it stays smooth. Hope this helps!

  49. 27 says

    I personally don’t believe in hair growth lengths and that the hair will only grow to a certain length then stop growing. This is suppose to be a scientific fact; however, I have a girlfriend whose hair would stop and not grow beyond a certain length. My hair was always bra strap length. She got dreads and now her hair is to her waist. Wouldn’t or shouldn’t this same “hair growth only to a certain length” apply in this case too??? As I stated, my hair has been bra strap length for most of my life and thought that my hair would only grow to that length, but to my surprise I started moisturizing it and keeping heat out of it and underrelaxing it. It grew about 3 inches above my waist and I’m black(fully black) with a perm.

    • Hair Romance says

      There is a finite growth cycle of your hair that is different for every person but there are environmental ways to modify your hair growth. You can increase the speed of your hair growth by increasing your metabolism and minimising damage to your hair. By reducing heat styling and underrelaxing, your hair is in better condition and experiencing less stress so it can grow longer.

  50. leeson says

    That’s interesting that hair grows in 12 to 24 month cycles, and that’s the limiting factor in hair length. Never knew that. I was wondering if metabolism influences hair growth, because I used to have a crazy fast metabolism and you could just about watch my hair grow. Now I’ve been sedentary for about a year and my hair is growing slowly. Now I know that’s why.

  51. says

    Google ‘Monistat 7 hair growth’ — I know it sounds bizarre — but I have never found anything that works like this does — at least for me. I’m going to add vitamins soon and see if I can FINALLY get to mid-back length. Right now I’m at 3 inches past shoulders (when straight) — which is my longest ever.

  52. cperry says

    my hair use to be think and all one length. after highschool i cut it pretty short. i understand that heating tools are very bad for your hair but i cant do without. when i let it air dry or blow dry it it has a mind of its own. i use a chi because thats about the only tool that will get the job done. ive been getting it cut about evry 3 months or so and wash it every other day. im 26 now and i have these little white dots on the ends of my hair where it breaks off and i cant rid of them. even after my cuts they come right back. also my hair seems to grow normal in the back but wont grow around my face (mullet) so any idea on what i can do to get it back to one length or what i should do about processing it. ive come quite depressed about my hair bc i think i look horrible. any advice would be helpful

    • Hair Romance says

      Don’t stress, hair always changes and it should grow back. I would aks your hairdresser why the ends keep breaking and try a treatment to try and repair your hair. Scalp massages are also good for increasing circulation to your hair follicles and can stimulate growth. They are also very relaxing! Good luck xx

  53. sana says

    hy my hairs are so small and i want to big hairs pls help me to coctrol my hair fall

    im very thankfull to u .ok by

  54. sana says

    hy my hairs are so small and i want to big hairs pls help me to control my hair fall

    im very thankfull to u .ok by

  55. Kailie Gray says

    I have very long hair, in the lower middle of my back. I love my long hair, but it takes forever to blow dry, and is a lot harder to maintain than short hair. I also have natural red hair that is very straight . I get a hair cut every couple months to keep it looking healthy. I say good look to all the ladies out there trying to achieve long hair! its so worth the wait! :) .

  56. maize says

    I can grow my hair down to my waist but it gets stringy so, i usually don’t let it get that far… my problem is that, since having baby # 3, i have all these little bits of hair that grow about 2 inches and then just stop… they are too short to go into a pony tail and they just look weird, sticking out – this is all the way around my hairline… any idea what that’s about?

    • Hair Romance says

      It’s usually new hair growth that happens after having a baby. It is growing but there’s so much new growth it always seems to be at the same point. It is growing but takes time. Try spraying hairspray onto your brush then smoothing the hairs down x

  57. Jordyn says

    I feel so obsessed and frustrated with letting my hair grow out. I cut my hair into a swing bob the second semester of senior year in high school, which was about three years ago. It’s currently a little past shoulder length. Like I feel like my hair should be at BSL (bra strap length) now. Three years later, and it’s at shoulder length? That’s crazy. Hopefully, I’m on the right track to getting BSL hair. I moisturize my hair twice a day (when I take it down from my satin wrap cap and before I wrap it up at night); I also use the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, and I put Coconut Oil on it, and my hair loves it! My mom does my hair every week and deep conditions it as well every week, and I don’t really use heat (I always wear it in a bun or a ponytail), and I take Biotin or Hair, Skin, and Nails vitamins everyday. I drink at least two bottles of water a day. I hope I see great results because I’m doing all these things to my hair every single day.

  58. Doreen says

    There is a technique in the black natural hair community that has been successful for some in terms of length which is called the ‘No-poo’ technique which means that you wash your hair only using hair conditioner and not shampoo. You still use shampoo, but maybe only one in 4 washes depending on your hair etc etc
    And then in terms of dryness you can use oils such as coconut oil,avocado oil and virgin olive oil which all penetrate the shaft of the hair.

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Doreen, I’ve also heard great things about the no-poo method. It’s perfect for curly hair.

  59. Ana P. says

    I try washing my hair only twice a week with sulfate free shampoo. I been also on Biotion 5000 for just over 5 or 6 months. After not cutting my hair since 7 months ago, I notice my hair is still healthy. But I guess nothing beats the genes :(

  60. Cee says

    I had long very thick hair from when I was about 12-18/19 years old and it would grow very very fast. My hair is naturally curly, I began straightening it and dying it, quite often. I realised it had got quite damaged so I cut it all of (shoulder length with layers) in hopes for it to grow back fresh and get rid of any dead, split ends. It has not grown since then, It has been over 3 years, my hair is still the same length and is so dry and thin now… I have tried taking vitamins, do you think my growth cycle is over for good? Will it ever grow again? What should I do? Please help!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Cee, it’s normal for hair to change at different periods in our life. Vitamins can help but it takes 3 months of taking them every day to notice an difference to your hair. So it cna be 6 months before you notice increased hair growth. If you’re still not seeing any difference, you can talk to your doctor as your hormone levels and some medication can affect your hair. Don;t worry as the effects are usually temporary. Good luck xx

  61. Kori says

    Hi everybody! I just want to say, I have researched this topic in the past and read this same information. I was sad because I’ve always wanted to have very long hair but in my entire life, it was never much longer than an inch or two past my shoulders. I was convinced that that my “terminal length” as it’s called, and that I just couldn’t have longer hair no matter what. I am only 30 but I have a full head of naturally ugly gray hair and I have to dye it or I’ll look like crap. It’s also very thick and frizzy and curly so I also straighten it or it tends to dread up on its own within a couple of days of leaving it “natural” – even in a ponytail. I am white by the way, I just have this sort of hair. Anyway. For the first time in my life I now have hair that goes below my boob area, and everyone that sees me comments on how long my hair is! I wanted to share some tips from my own experience. First off. I have not gotten a trim since I’ve been growing it out. You really don’t need them. As long as you take care of your hair it won’t be necessary! But I will say this! I went about a year without applying heat to my hair. It didn’t look terribly fabulous but I knew I had to avoid damage as much as possible. So for a whole year, I washed my hair about once a week (using good conditioners each time – I HIGHLY recommend Aussie’s “3 minute miracle” and also Aussie’s “moist” line. It works better than even the very expensive brands – trust me, I’ve tried them all!) When I washed and groomed my hair I remembered a line I’d read somewhere – that said “treat your hair like a delicate antique linen” (to paraphrase) but now when I’m washing and brushing, I am not rough how I used to be. I delicately run fingers through it and I’m very gentle. Common advice will tell you not to brush your hair when wet. For some this is an option, but not for me. I find the best time to brush my hair is while my conditioner is saturated in it in the shower. It also helps the conditioner penetrate. This is for people like me, whose hair will turn into dreadlocks if they wait til their hair is dry to brush. Okay, so after showering, I towel dry, I spray in some kind of leave in product. Lately I love KENRA blow dry spray. I put it in my hair when its wet, and unlike other sprays like this, you can put it in while hair is dry too. When I do flat iron, I spray it in during that process too. It’s amazing and smells good. Anyway, after i spray in something to detangle and lube up my damp hair, i gently brush it. Now for styling, during the growing out process, you MAY just have to deal with the fact that you won’t be able to wear your usual styles. FOR ME, my best friend was the almighty braid. Its a great way to contain unruly hair, not use many products, no heat necessary, and minimize breakage. I wore a braid for almost the whole year I grew out my hair. Now that it’s longer I use heat again, but only for special occasions. I want my hair to grow another 4 inches or so, so I’m not totally out of the water yet. But – my hair is half a foot longer than it has ever been IN MY LIFE – so I really wanted to share what I did, even if my advice is unorthodox. I just got sick of hearing the same canned advice everywhere. For people of a certain hair type, the usual advice may not apply. This goes for everything hair related! Of course if you have this kind of hair, you already know that. :)

  62. Loweee says

    I starting growing my at longest shoulder length layers out my freshman year of HS, after being called, “stubs” for my ridiculously short, mandatory ponytail for Drill team. It didn’t take very long to grow and I noticed that in less than a year my hair was down to my waist. Even today it seems my hairs growth rate is almost double the average but I am not sure why. It is definitely not because I like my vegetables! I used to hardly eat anything green and while I am great by comparison to my younger self, most green things still gross me out. I am a good Celtic, meat and potatoes kind of girl, so maybe the protein and iron thing holds true. Also of note, when you are pregnant, the hormones that normally tell your hair to fall out are repressed so many women note thicker, longer hair whilst awaiting the new addition. Only problem is the aftermath when sometime chemo like clumps come out! I have probably twice the number of hairs on my head than average, therefore I lose more every day. Imagine my horror when the after pregnancy hair carnage occurred for me!

    • Hair Romance says

      Oh that post-partum shedding can be tough! Lucky you have lots of hair as it can be devastating for those with fine hair. Lucky it grows back but it’s awful for a while there x

  63. Gabriella says

    Hi! I’m 15 years old and my hair does not grow!! Back in 5th grade my hair was around waist length and for my 11th birthdai got layers which cut the length to mid back. Ever since that, my hair doesn’t grow past the spot below my bra and it’s so frustrating! I get about 1-2 trims a year, and condition about twice a week. Should i get more trims? Is my hair never gonna get longer?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Gabriella, don’t stress. Remember you’re taller now than you were then so your hair is probably around the same length. Don’t get more trims, just keep your hair in good condition and only trim when you have split ends. Good luck x

  64. Sasha says

    Hi! When I was 15 I had waist lenght hair. Then I got them short in layers. I’ve spent some time now getting rid of the layers and currently my hair are a little above my elbow. I want to grow them back to waist lenght. I’m 20 right now and would like to know if it’s possible to grow around 4 inches? How are hair affected when you stop being in your teens and enter your 20s?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Sasha, you hair changes every 7 years or so but if your hair has been that long before you should be able to grow it that long again. Just remember you might be a bit taller so your hair may be the same length but not reach your waist 😉

    • Hair Romance says

      Iron can help, or a biotin/silica supplement can also help. I’m not a dietician though so check before starting a course of any supplements x

  65. Lauren says

    okay.. I wanted to add my story hahaha.

    I recently got engaged and i’ve always dreamed of having long hair.. so I went and got it cut the day after getting engaged to trim off the dead ends. this was in January, it is growing, but only half of my head. yes, half, one side is long, the other side is where it was when i cut it. This is what i’ve been trying.

    I take biotin everyday, and prenatal vitams everyday.
    I take sileca gel everyday

    I always use a heat protectant when i need to blow dry & straighten

    I use a repair oil in my hair after its been styled.

    I’ve gone to see a doctor, who thought maybe something was wrong with my thyroids, I got that tested and it came back fine.

    my hair dresser has gone and ordered me some repair treatment shampoo, conditioner, and spray so i will be starting to try that this week.

    anything else I should try? hahaha

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Lauren, you’re doing all the right things! Unfortunately hair is something that can’t change or grow overnight so it will take at least 8-12 weeks to see any difference. I’d also add that hair grows around 1-2cm per month so unless you want a really long engagement, I’d chat to your hairdresser about extensions or clip in hairpieces. I have a theory that most brides have the best hair about a month after their wedding when they get an awesome haircut, so don’t fixate on the long hair unless it really suits you xx

  66. Kendra says


    At the beginning of 8th grade, my hair was about an inch above my boobs. After the end of my freshman year of high school, it was down to my waist. So if you do the math, it grew about a foot or so in a year and a half.

    Two and half years ago, I cut my waist length hair to my collarbones and it’s been having a hard time growing back. I’ve had the same diet for the majority of my life, so I’m not 100% sure if diet is really a factor for me. The longest it’s grown since I chopped it off to my collarbones has been about an inch past my boobs… But in two years?! That’s only 6 inches?

    Are there any recommendations for specific shampoos/vitamins?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kendra, everyone is different and hormones can make a big difference to your hair growth. Pre-natal vitamins can help x

  67. jennie says

    My hair has been like my shoulder length like for 4 years now! i’ve done all i could, eating vitamins, putting oil, and it’s not even helping! And my hair keeps falling like ..argh! everytime i comb it! Also im having thin curly hair.. So any tips on taking care of it?

  68. Shondae says

    I bleach the front of my hair and leave the back dark. I used to have long thick hair when I was younger. I have been blaeching my hair for a long time and the thing that puzzles me is that between bleachings my out growth is at least 1-2 inches long but my hair always stays the same length. I know a lot of it is due to bleaching but I don’t understand it not getting any longer, I know some of it breaks off due to bleaching. my dark hair in the back will grow somewhat but always gets thin and wispy on the ends. My hair is shoulder length and I just go ahead and trim it from time to time to get rid of the wispy thin ends. I’m 55 and know that some of this is due to my age but am still puzzled why it grows out so fast but never gets longer??? Anyone else experiencing this dilemma???

  69. Anna says

    I’ve always had a big problem with my hair – its really fine and the front parts look like baby hair. I’ve got hypothyroid but am taking regular medication, which has slightly helped. However, my hair sometimes noticeably looks and feels a lot thinner. its shoulder length but i get so embarassed about how it looks I constantly have it tied up in a bun. I eat healthy but lack alot of protein – could this be a contributing factor?
    Any advice would be so appreciated!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Anna, sorry to hear about the problems with your hair. I’m not an expert but I’d say the hypothyroid is the biggest factor. Remember hair grows slowly so once you have your medication right, it can still take 3-12 months to notice a difference with your hair. Please don’t be embarrassed. Some topical products like Nioxin can also help, but simple things like buying a fabulous hair accessory or headband can make you feel just as fabulous x

  70. Joutloud says

    Hi, First off my entire life I’ve had long curly blonde hair. My hair always grew to about the middle of my back never any longer. I thought it was strange as my mother (when she was younger) could grow her hair much longer- but mine always stopped at a certain point. I was fine with that. However, now my hair stops growing much much shorter (around my shoulders) every time I see my friends they compliment me that I’ve gotten a hair cut EVERY TIME (no I didn’t cut it! It just wont grow!) One of the things my friend noticed is my layers didn’t grow out (nothing grew at all. I did have bangs for a little- those grew out slowly and I recut my layers since but I haven’t done anything for a very long time and there’s no change) One more thing I should mention. I’m a natural blonde, but as I’m getting older my hairs getting darker so I do dye just the roots (about an inch, inch and a half every 2 or so months) So if I have roots obviously my hairs growing some what. I also flat iron my hair (but I’ve been holding off doing that as much as possible, been putting it in loose pony tails or buns to not rip out more hair, deep conditioning and still no change) I’m not sure what to do now. You say eat more protein, I eat a good amount of protein is there anything else? I’m sick of everyones hair getting longer and mine staying the same! Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      It sounds like you’re doing ok and if you can see regrowth your hair is growing. You can also accurately see how fast your hair is growing. It’s much harder to notice growth in curly hair as it always looks shorter because of the curl. You can try a supplement like pre-natal vitamins or Viviscal but results vary. Also remember that it takes 3-6 months to notice a difference. Good luck x

  71. William Robb says

    I am wondering how this applies to men i found this because i have always wanted a ponytail but my hair only grows down to about my nose after many months of no change i usually get sick of it because this length is unmanagable without alot of gel or similer and shave it all off.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi William, growing out short hair does take a long time and it does depend on genetics too. Getting it past that point takes a lot of determination as it gets to be an awkward and annoying length. Good luck x

  72. Jade says

    So, I’m pregnant. About 3 months into it, and I had Miley cyrus’ s hair cut, and I’ve grown it out to almost my collar bones, but it’s starting to curl up at the ends and its starting to look like a mullet, and I was wondering since I have more natural oils and THC in my body that my hair should be getting a lot by now, but it only seems to have grown about 2-3 inches in 3 months. .first cut my hair in early august? (2013). I rarely use straighteners but I sui curl it to put in extentions. Do you think it’ll start to grow more farther down the road?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jade, it’s often the case that your hair will grow more during pregnancy but everyone is different. The downside to the fast growth is the massive shedding that occurs about 6-12 weeks after having a baby. All the hair you grow during pregnancy seems to fall out all at once. It’s normal for hair to grow about 1/2 inch per month so your hair sounds like it’s growing faster already. Good luck! x

  73. Kate & Zena says

    Another thing all of you readers up there having trouble growing your hair might want to do is SCHEDULE A DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENT. Seriously. I am known for my super shiny brunette hair that’s fine but pretty full, so the day it became duller and started falling out in patches, I kind of knew something was up when I was 16. My test results came back that I was anemic. That anemia result and the bouts of hair loss would become critical later in life when my hair started falling out again. I actually had been searching for an answer to why I was tired all of the time, why my joints hurt, and I remembered after a commercial for Lupus my grandma suffers from the disorder. One of the key diagnoses? Anemia and massive hair loss. I actually got a positive diagnosis of Lupus in January. I’m 25 and I’ve probably had it for a few years.

    Your doctor can provide you with a lot of answers. He or she can run blood panel tests for anemia, see if your thyroid is working properly, and see if your hormone levels are properly adjusted. Plus, your doctor is the best person to help you pick a vitamin regimen as you can accidentally overdose yourself if you just put yourself on Biotin or Neonatal vitamins and not tell your doctor.

    Your OUTSIDE is a reflection of your INSIDE, especially your hair and nails. Your hair and nails are so good at showing the state of your insides that forensic scientists take hair and nail samples when you are dead or if they suspect a poisoning to see if you were or have been poisoned over a long period of time because certain poisons show up in your hair follicles and nails. THINK ABOUT THAT next time your hair changes.

    • Hair Romance says

      Great points! Always consult a doctor when taking supplements or if you have sudden changes to your hair like this.

  74. terence says

    Actually, the question “why does anything stop growing, is a fundamental question in biology. Just to give a different perspective, we really don’t understand why, for instance, something like our fingers, ears or other parts stay roughly the same length for decades after maturity. Many process are guided by chemical signals from one cell to another. For example, if you are a dividing cell and get a high concentration of signal molecule it may be an instruction to “divide rapidly”. On the other hand if you are a cell a long way away from the source (usually another cell) and the signal is very weak, it may say “self destruct” so that you die. This is necessary, otherwise cells and tissues would proliferate entirely uncontrolled – something we call cancer. Some of these complex control mechanisms have been worked out during embryo development in specific tissues. During adulthood it is not entirely clear how we maintain our total body morphology. In the finger, for example, there are several types of tissue – nerve, muscle, skin, bone, hair follicles etc – all competing for space and yet mutually supportive to the organism. But how does each tissue know how to arrange and manage it’s own territory so that that finger looks much the same year to year? Why do hair cells replicate and generate collagen at a particular rate relative to hair length (and hair mass)? These are not trivial questions: They are perplexing questions and we are still trying to figure out many of the details. So don’t feel too bad if the answer to something apparently simple in biology, such as hair growth, isn’t as straight-forward as it might first appear.

    Terence Morris (Professor of Biology)

  75. Miucel says

    It’s weird because I keep iron-straightening my fringe and it’s the only part of my hair that actually grows while the rest that I never straighten stays the same lenght.

  76. Chloe Williams says

    I am now 16 and about 3 years ago i had to cut most of it off,my hair was was down by the back of my knees and I loved it:) my hair went really bad because I wouldnt let anyone cut it and I didnt cut it for about 4 years. My split ends were right up to my shoulders so I had to have it cut just above my shoulders, I used to bleach my hair because it made me feel better by having bleach blonde hair but again I damaged it and to cut it. So now i have brown, dry very curly but very frizzy hair at just above shoulder length.
    I eat mainly carbohydrates and I do not eat any meat as I am vegetarian? I am quite sporty but getting lazier and lazier?I have a very fast metabolism to?
    so qhy wont my hair groq and is there anything I can do to help it grow the legnth it was 4 years ago?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Chloe, it will grow but it takes time, especially after so much bleach. If you really want to grow your hair long, go back to your natural hair colour and avoid heat styling it. Good luck xx

  77. Lilly Nelson says

    For those of us with the hair length problem. I am 31 years old and CANNOT get my hair past a certain length. I stopped dying my hair 2 years ago or rather haven’t had to dye it for two years. I only use heat on it when I am doing a show. I do a deep conditioning treatment twice a week. I am an actor and naturally eat a high protein, high iron diet and still can’t get it to grow past my bra strap. My metabolism is insane since I pretty much eat whatever I want and do not gain weight at all. Sometimes, you just gotta cut your losses. I get regular trims, but it will grow back to that length in a week and then stop altogether.

  78. Amanda says

    I only wash my hair twice a week, I have never dyed my hair, I do not brush it when it is wet, I trim my hair and I rarely use heat products yet for two years I have not been able to grow my hair as long as it use to grow. What else can I do to make it grow faster? I feel as if it is a lost caused because I treat my hair well, maybe it has just lost its ability to grow fast/long as I’ve grown older?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Amanda, has anything else with your diet, lifestyle or health changed? Hair is a great barometer of everything that’s happening in your body. Stress also has a huge impact on your hair health and growth. Maybe it’s just in a plateau for a while. Look closely to see if anything else could be the cause and hopefully you’ll find the solution. Good luck x

      • Amanda says

        I cannot think of any particular changes apart from that I started university which I can find quite stressful at times. Is there anything I can help with this? Thank you x

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