Valentino Braids

How much do you love the braids from the Valentino S/S ’12 collection?

Created by the amazing Guido Palau, this romantic braided hairstyle looks as good off the catwalk.

How to get the look

  • Apply Redken All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Oil and blow dry hair.
  • Take a circular section of hair near the crown, divide into three sections, and begin a French braid with the middle section, going across the crown toward the right ear.
  • Braid the bottom section down and all the way counterclockwise around the hairline toward the right ear.
  • Then use the top section to create a braid going around the forehead.
  • Use bobby pins to keep the braid in place near the right ear.
  • To keep the style looking soft and romantic, pull out a few wisps of hair near the front.


I love this look but I recommend getting a friend to help, unless you’re very flexible and strong!

Will you try these braids?

Images from & Stockholm Street Style

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  1. says

    I loved the braids’ looks!!!! So elegant and feminine…I make similar to my daughter only not infront and it is really cute…maybe one day I will try to make it with my hair though I don’t know whether I will manage…Thanks for sharing and the tips!!!

    • Hair Romance says

      You’re right, it is in the textures, and messing up the braid. Pulling out pieces to loosen the braid makes it sit so much better (and makes your hair look thicker)

  2. Natasha says

    I love these braids, I’m a bit confused though, are there 3 braids in the end?
    If you have time would you be able to do a video on it please?

  3. mania says

    i love these braids but could you please make a video tutorial because i can’t really understand how to make it, thank you anyway!

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