How to grow out a pixie cut

The pixie cut is still a huge trend but what if you went for the big chop and decided it’s not for you? Or maybe you just feel like a change and want to go long again?

Here is your pain-free guide to growing out your pixie cut. There’ll be no “awkward” phase in this hair plan.

Through my own experience growing my hair out from a super short pixie I can tell you it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant process. You can have fun with your hair on the way.

Have a game plan

Although you may think you want to avoid your hairdresser when growing your hair, they will be your best friend when growing out a pixie cut.

Talk to your hairdresser about your ideal hair length and they can help you work out the stages to get there. You’ll have a different cutting strategy depending on whether your ideal cut is layered or all one length. You won’t need to get your hair cut as often, but regular trims will get rid of split ends and any mullet that will appear. You can plan for different styles along the way and really enjoy the growing out phase.

Distract with colour

Talk to your stylist about using colour to add style while you’re growing your hair. My super short pixie was dark brown and I dyed my hair pink and white through the first growth phase. It became one of all my all time favourite hairstyles.

Pink hair may be extreme for you, but what about balayage highlights or semi-permanent colour? Your hair is still very short and a change of colour is the perfect distraction when you’re in between styles.

Learn a new style

Talk to your hairdresser about how to style your hair at home. You might want to try a new styling product for short hair like a styling powder or paste to keep your hair in shape. You can try a short twisted upstyle or braids in short hair.

Show your hair some love

Conditioning treatments and head massages are fabulous. Why not treat yourself while you’re growing your hair? There’s no proof they make your hair grow faster, but they will keep your hair in top condition and you’ll feel amazing.

Eat well

There is one way to make your hair grow faster and that’s by speeding up your metabolism. Exercise and a balanced diet that’s high in protein, iron and zinc will have a positive effect on your hair growth cycle.

Be patient

Hair grows around 1 inch per month, so calculate how long it will take to get to your ideal length so you can keep your expectations in check.


Hair accessories are the perfect distraction when growing out your pixie cut. Stock up on headbands, bobby pins, clips, turbans and hats to keep your distracted from thinking about cutting your hair.

Looking for some hairspiration for that “in between” time? The pixie trend has been a celeb trend for long enough now that we can see how these styles grow out. One of my favourites is Carey Mulligan as I think she’s created some great looks for what you previously thought were the “awkward” stages.

Have you grown out a pixie haircut? What are your tips for growing your hair?

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  1. Tina Pearse says

    Thank you so much for this post! I am trying, AGAIN, to grow out my pixie. Seeing these 9 pictures of Carey Mulligan has shown me I have come a long way – however I’m now at the dreaded back flicking out stage. I’m thinking maybe a quick trip to the hairdressers for some colour could get me through! Thanks again. Love your blog!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Tina! Or you should try some twist & pin hairstyles to keep those flicks out of the way until they get a bit longer x

  2. says

    I’m trying to grow my hair long enough so I can get hair extensions put in. Its so frustrating, its just not growing fast enough. I keep telling myself, everyday I get closer to it being long enough so keep going, don’t up!
    I’ve had short hair – as in boy cut, for about 17 years so its going to be crazy weird having long hair. I love your site as I’ve never really thought about my hair, but I’m loving all the different styles and looks you can have, I’m really excited at the chance to have a new me!
    Courtney @ Nobashake recently posted..Prose Poem ~ DesiderataMy Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Courtney! Stay strong with growing your hair, I think after 17 years the change will be crazy!

  3. says

    I love you. I know one day I’ll need to grow my hair but now you’ve assured me that I’m gonna be okay and won’t look so awful. I LOVE YOU.


  4. Val Hazzard says

    My hair is medium long and I am always looking for fun things to do with my hair. Your twist and pin idea is amazing, thank you for sharing. I plan to buy the ebook and try every one!

    Val :)

  5. Judith says

    Love this post! I cut my longish hair (a long bob) short only yesterday. Although I like the cut – and will probably keep short it for a while – I just know that I’ll want to grow it out at some point. This post actually has me excited for the growing out phase! :-)

  6. Amber says

    Love this articale :) I currently am trying to grow out a pixie cut, it does not suit me at all but I had no choice i bleached it and ruined my hair so much so thought I’d get it cut really short and let it grow healthier . This really helped me Its at the akward stage at the moment but just gottta wait to payday to get it dyed to distaract myself! Big thanks to this! xxxxx

  7. says

    Thank you for this post! I especially love the pics of Carey Mulligan. I wish I had a professional stylist with me at all times to get me through the awkward stages. I’m having the WORST time trying to decide if I should keep my pixie (had it for 2.5 years) or grow I out. I tried when I was pregnant and started feeling so mullet-y and weird that I chopped it all off super short right before my due date. I’m breastfeeding currently and feel like the hormones are making my hair grow faster so maybe now is the time? Guess I’m just bored and feel like maybe there are more flattering styles out there for me. The husband is no help- says he likes it really short and medium length but hates the in between stages (I grew it out for 2 years before our wedding)…sorry, honey, you can’t just skip to medium length hair! Maybe longer hair would make me feel sexier…but short hair is so easy with a baby…aahhh I just can’t decide!!! I just want someone to decide for me!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thank Rebecca! Sounds like it could be a good time to try to grow it. You can always chop if it gets too hard. As long as you keep trimming your mullet until the rest of your hair catches up you’ll make it x

  8. Cara says

    Thank you for this post! My hair is growing out after chemotherapy and I cut it into a pixie and now I want it to get long again! I have horrible flipping out duck feathers mullet thing in the back that I am getting trimmed up today. I’m glad I’m not the only one going through this!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Cara, I hope you’re recovering well. You’re not alone. Just keep trimning that mullet and the rest of your hair will catch up soon x

  9. cassie says

    i LOVE this, Carey has been my hair-spiration for the past few years! I cut it short about 2.5/3years ago and am now ready to grow it out..I like all of her grow out styles..but am afraid it will be hard to be constantly getting my hair re-cut and re-styled so often..what are you tips if we can’t afford to be getting our hair cut constantly (aside from ever couple months) like for the mullet hair because that is my biggest fear/pet peeve

    • Dani says

      Personally, I like to enlist the help of a friend to trim my mullet every couple weeks. It’s not too difficult — just a quick snip. So easy my boyfriend can do it!

  10. charlotte francis says

    i had an asymmetric (short on one side) cut in may which i didnt like and have been growing out since. The short side is now all pretty much the same length but its too long for the cut but too short to do anything which is driving me insane but i dont want to cut it again??

  11. Candy says

    Hi:) I love your article! Great tips! I’m also in the middle of growing out my pixie cut, and i have stocked up on headbands and hats lol. However I wanted to ask any tips on curling the growing out pixie? How are the different ways i can style and curl it effectively despite the short length and especially because I’m in college?

  12. says

    Thanks for the encouragement. I’m just now growing my hair INTO a pixie, after losing it all during chemo, so I’m just trying to plan ahead for how I’ll go from there:] Great tips. My biggest question is: how do you get through that stage where it’s hitting the top of your ear and sticking put awkwardly? For now I’ll just keep trimming it…but the time will come when I’ll have to bite the bullet and let it grow…All suggestions welcome:)

    • Hair Romance says

      ah yes, that’s an awkward time. I recommend using a pommade and making it look like it’s in purpose. Style your hair a little messier and embrace that “pixie” look. Or discretely pin it back behind your ear with a small bobby pin x

  13. emily says

    62 years mostly white hair, black in back, natural color. was super short for 30 years. no haircut since may. down to mid ear now. wonder how i’ll like it long

  14. Alexis says

    Thank you soooo much! I’ve had my pixie for eight months (the longest I’ve had any one style) and the only thing that’s held me back is how bad the awkward stages can be. I’m currently justin Beiber with a mullet but I’m making a hair appointment today! And now to google image Carey Mulligan for more styling ideas!

  15. says

    Thank you for this guide, I’ve been trying and it’s been so hard I always cut it back off, I’ve had the pixie for 10 years now though and I am dying to go back to my long wavy locks from Highschool…
    Amanda recently posted..Why?My Profile

    • Hair Romance says

      Thans Amanda! I hope this helps, and you’ll find lots more inspiration from Emma Watson, Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway as they are all growing their hair at the moment x

  16. Kaila says

    Thank you for this post! Everyone has been telling me I should grow out my pixie, but this article made me realize I don’t want to grow it out. I’ve been so influenced by everyone lately I haven’t been listening to what I want. I personally think I look great in a pixie cut, and it makes me feel so skinny! I’m going to cut my hair, so thank you for helping me find that. :)

  17. Kim says

    I have worn my hair in a short pixie most of my life. Mostly because I have this hideous double crown cowlick thing goin on. It just wants to stand up in every which direction on both sides of the top of my head. I try to embrace my devilish hair the best I can but I’m just plain bored!! Do you have any ideas of products or tools I can use to help control my super-powered crazy hair while growing it out! Once I get it long & heavy enough, the weight pulls those babies down. Help please.

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Kim, cowlicks can be hard to manage but you can get through this phase! Wet it down and blow dry your hair in the direction you want it to sit. Use a brush to hold your hair flat to your head while you blowdry that section. A little mousse or gel spray can add extra hold if you need it. Good luck x

  18. Adrienne says

    I loved this article!! It made me smile as I could relate to so many of the stories and struggles of growing out a pixie. I started with mine extremely short and have very straight hair as well so found that skipping a few days of washing helped. It allowed the natural oils to help it lay a little smoother and give me some styling control. Dry shampoo will help keep it feeling fresh. If one spot is extra stubborn, mist it with water and blow dry in the direction you need. Extra strong gel helps too! Sparkly or colored bobby pins add a feminine touch and help tame also. I tried ones with adornments on them but it looked unbalanced at this point. Just remember to let your smile shine and have confidence..this makes any haircut instantly better!! Enjoy playing with makeup, jewelry and scarves. You can be really bold and trendy with your hair so simple and short. :)

  19. Nicole says

    Hey , I just got my pixie cut done yesterday, I have African American Hair, my hair has been damaged for about 5 years or so so and I had no choice but to cut it off ! I’m wondering if its gonna grow back thing is .. I’m a girly girl and Im 17, I feel like a TomBoy & it makes me kinda uncomfortable … I get a lot of creepy stairs too :/ … I’m confused about what I wanna do but like I wanna grow it out … The pixie cut was a way if making my hair healthy again. Thank You. Nicole x

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Nicole, I’m sure it’s the best thing for your hair and it will grow back, though it’s going to take some time. Embrace big earrings and bright lipstick and you won’t feel like a tomboy. Any hair accessory goes with a pixie cut too. Try embellished headbands and pretty clips. You can buy these pretty cheaply or DIY them! Good luck x

  20. justine says

    Hi Nicole. A great way to avoid looking tomboy-ish is to where feminine things like dresses, skirts, and jewelry. Also lots of makeup. :) and if pants are all you’ve got, throw on some heels. ;D

  21. Elaine says

    An inch a month? I wish. I’m taking prenatal vitamins, biotin, argan oil treatments, the whole works and I’m lucky to get 1/4-1/2 an inch a month

  22. roisin McAnulty says

    Hi, thanks so much for this article! My hair is growing after chemotherapy and although I am completely ecstatic that it’s growing back, I’m in a awkward phase. Like photo 2 above but with longer sides…….It’s great to see ‘growing out’ images. I have always had very long hair so this is quite alien to me, but I am inspired to make the most of my hair and keep looking feminine with ear rings and sparkly clips – even at 40! 😉 Thanks!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thank you so much for commenting Roisin. Hope your recovery is going well, and you can definitely rock that short hair with your own style. Christina x

  23. Jennifer says

    Your website is quite inspirational for me! My daughter’s wedding is 10 months away and I really want to go from pixie to a bit of length and softness. I can now see the way to get there, realistically, at 60+. Thank you so much. Jennifer x

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks so much for leaving a comment Jennifer. Enjoy your daughter’s wedding, such a special day for you both xx

  24. Lisa d says

    I am so glad I searched this topic! Ty for posting this! I’ve had a pixie cut for nearly 20 years and tried growing it out numerous times and without fail I would cut again BC I couldn’t get past the awkward stages. So Ty for all these wonderful tips! However my hair is boxed dyed and it often feels hard. Is there something I could/should do to soften it up? I’m at the point where my hair is graying on the hair line & side burns an seems I have to dye it every 4 weeks! Going to the salon that often can be costly. Any suggestions?


    • Hair Romance says

      So glad this was helpful Lisa! Try doing a weekly deep conditioning treatment on your hair. Look for one that is suitable for coloured or dry hair and you’ll start to notice a difference after a couple of uses. Good luck x

  25. Stephanie Large says

    I think all of these are great tips, however, hair doesn’t grow an inch per month for the average person. It actually only grows half that amount for the average person. I used to be a cosmetologist. Hens the reason I have spent forever trying to grow this pixie out!!! lol

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Stephanie, that makes me feel better as my hair only grows about 1/2 inch per month. I thought I was in the lower part of the average.

  26. Maru says

    I have had short hair for 8 years and now want to let it grow back, I appreciate the tips provided by you and the readers. 2 months ago I decided to let it grow back and it’s been quite a roller coaster, fortunately my hair grows back fast, I feel like I can ride this out and not be so frustrated about it. Thanks again for the inspiration and the many tips that’ll keep me from going to the stylist and cutting it again!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Maru! Good luck and stay strong, before you know it, your hair will be at your shoulders :)

  27. Maddi says

    I am literally terrified of growing my hair!

    I’ve had my pixie cut for 2 years now and because I cut it off when I was 15 at school I was the only one that had short hair and I felt different and unique, I love standing out which has caused expenses that I would rather die than focus on.

    My problem is I’m growing it out at the moment as now that every second person seems to be chopping their hair off I’d like to have long hair again so I can do different things with it, before I cut my hair off it fell ti the base of my back and was beautiful and I miss it. THIS IS THE 7TH TIME I HAVE TRIED I always get caught at the awkward flicky out stage and mullet stage and go to the hairdresses intending to get a trim and to get past it but I always end up simply telling her to cut it off and dying it a drastic colour so it looks different even though it’s not.

    I need help, I really want long hair but can’t seem to bring myself to keep pushing forward!

    • Hair Romance says

      You need to set some goals Maddi, and get some inspo images to help you through the awkward stage. Put up some photos of long hair to remind me of your goal and tell your hairdresser so they are on board too. They won’t let you cut your hair even when you insist. You can do it! Good luck xx

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