Short Cut Saturday – Vidal Sassoon Signature Styles

Vidal Sassoon is often called the founder of modern hairdressing.

If you’ve ever had a graduated bob, your hairdresser would have learnt the Vidal Sassoon techniques. He was the first of the “celebrity” hairdressers and really changed the entire hairdressing industry. Even the layout of modern salons owes a due to Sassoon and his Bahaus-influenced style.

Vidal Sassoon was reportedly paid $5000 to fly to Los Angeles to cut Mia Farrow’s hair for the film Rosemary’s Baby. Mia’s haircut was iconic and has inspired countless other styles, including Michelle Williams and Carey Mulligan’s short crops.

This is just a snapshot of the styles Sassoon became famous for. In a time of super shellac sprayed beehives, Sassoon made it all about the hair.

As I say, a haircut changed my life and it was the same for Vidal Sassoon.

Have you ever had a Sassoon styled short cut? Or has a haircut ever changed your life?


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  1. jen says

    yay, so glad you brought back short cut saturday :-) could you possibly post any tutorials for how to do like small accent braids or twists or curls or anything to dress up a short bob style cut? thanks :-) I totally <3 your site!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Jen! Great idea. Will look for some hairspiration pics and try and find a hair model to play with too x

  2. Grace Sevilly says

    I used to remember a time when Vidal Sassoon magazines lay everywhere on salons, and I point to the hairdresser the style that I want. Nothing beats vintage vidal sassoon!

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