How to make the perfect hair donut for fine hair

I am a huge fan of hair donuts for creating giant buns when you don’t have a lot of hair. You can find my big bun hair tutorial here, and I’ve worn a giant top knot with flowers, scarves, headbands and even jewellery.

But what if you still don’t have enough hair to cover the foam insert? If you have fine hair this can be a problem. There’s nothing worse than revealing your big bun secret padding. Here’s my easy solution.

Keep your big bun secret in fine hair

Take a weft of clip-in hair extensions and wrap it around your hair donut!

I’ve used a Lady Jayne clip in extension to wrap my hair donut. Clip the ends of the extension into the donut and wrap it all around. Secure the ends with a bobby pin to keep them in place.

Make sure you colour match your hair extension to your actual hair colour or you won’t be fooling anyone. Then use it as you would a normal hair donut without any worry of your padding showing.

Giant top knots are one of my favourite hairstyles. So simple yet so chic. How do you wear your top knot?

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  1. says

    Hey Hunny! Great idea with the extensions! We also have a fantastic solution for your fans who have fine locks- The Hunny Bun™! Most stores only offer the hair donut in one size and color- well look no further…we offer THREE different sizes (small, medium, large) & THREE different colors (blonde bombshell, chocohottie, black queen bee)! We highly recommend the SMALL Hunny Bun™ for ladies with very fine/shorter locks or the MEDIUM Hunny Bun™ for those with still fine, but longer or maybe layered locks. Like women, not every hair donut is one size fits all- your hair donut is MORE likely to look fabulous if it’s the correct size AND color of your hair, right?! :) In Hair <3!
    The Hunny Bun recently posted..The Hunny Bun™ ChocoHottieMy Profile

  2. Dida says

    Hands down’!!!
    This is freaking genius..!!
    No body address to us girls who have fine-layered-short hair…
    thank you ..thank you..thank you…

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Dida! You’ll be rocking a giant bun now and no-one will know it’s not your hair 😉

  3. Party Hair says

    Thank you SO much for this amazing tutorial. After having a baby 2 years ago, I lost about 75% of my hair within a span of 2 weeks after I stopped breastfeeding. I was examined by a slew of doctors, who all said I was perfectly healthy, but said the hair loss was “normal” after childbirth. Two years later, my hair is very slowly trying to grow back in (there are baby hairs everywhere), but the overall look of my hair is very thin and see through. A friend just got married this past weekend, and I had been worried about not looking my best. But after stumbling onto your blog and finding this idea, I gave it a shot. I already bought clip on hair extensions last year, in an attempt to bulk up my thinning hair (it did not help), I decided to use them in a bun after seeing your tutorial here. It was a HUGE success. The bun was semi-easy to make (I used a TON of hairspray to help manipulate the shiny slippery extensions around the bun maker), then I easily attached it to my super thin ponytail.. and voila! Perfect bun. All thinning spots easily hidden with some more hairspray. I haven’t felt this good and confident in my hair since I was pregant (when I actually had thicker waist length shiny hair!) So, thank you again for posting this amazing idea. :-)

    • Hair Romance says

      oh thank you so much for commenting! I’m so sorry to hear about your hair loss. Post-partum shedding is common but sounds like it hit you hard. I’m so happy this worked for you, and hope your baby hairs finally catch up to the rest of your hair x

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