Hairstyle Tutorial – Easy Twist and Pin updo for curly hair

Hair Romance - Keep your curls under control - easy twist & pin updo

For those days when your curls aren’t sitting right, try this easy Twist & Pin updo to keep all your hair up.

It really is as easy as Twist & Pin but the style secret is all in the choice of bobby pins. You must use strong, professional quality pins. These are the bobby pins I use.

The styling trick to keeping your bobby pins in place is not to overload the pins with hair. If you open the pin and take in too much hair, you’ll find the pins seem to reverse out of your hair and fall out. Instead, lightly weave the pin through your hair. This technique only catches only a small amount of hair but connects the twists to the rest of your hair.

Hairstyle Tutorial: Easy Twist & Pin updo for curly hair

Hair Romance - curly Twist & Pin hairstyle tutorial

This tutorial was created for She Knows and you can head there to see the written instructions for this Twist & Pin hairstyle.

It really is as easy as Twist & Pin!

Remember to take even sections to keep the twists consistent. You can use bobby pins to pin the twists to each other for more stability.

Hair Romance - easy twist & pin updo for curly hair

The Twist & Pin is my favorite hairstyling technique and you can create infinite styles with this customisable look. You can find over 30 different tutorials in my 30 Days of Twist & Pin Hairstyles ebook.

The Twist & Pin is perfect for second day hair, and turns your messy hair into a chic updo that will have everyone asking, how did you do that?

Have you tried the Twist & Pin?

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    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Lollie! The Twist & Pin can work from around bob length, so it;s great fr those in-between stages as you grow your hair out too x

  1. nasubi says

    Thank you. I’ve been looking for a hairstyle for work days when my hair is out of control. I love your website but find your styles a little too perfect as they always start with straight hair. This hairstyle gives me hope!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Jennifer! God news is I am planning a whole week of curly hair tutorials from 13th May! X

  2. jaclyn says

    Thanks for this article! Your curls looks like a very similar texture and thickness to my own. What type of styling products do you use for this? I’m going to an August wedding (very humid where I live) and I want to do my best to tame the frizz!

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Jaclyn, I’m not quite sure but I would have used a curl cream on the curls to help shape them after washing. I like Osis twin curl and Unite boing curl cream. I also use a serum like Original & Mineral Frizzy Logic to smooth my curls. Also this is second day hair, so it’s a bit slept on and not as fluffy as when it’s freshly washed x

  3. Linda says

    I lve in Mexico most of the year, in the yucatan. Hot and humid!ni tried this because most of my day I’m sweating or swimming. Worked like a charm. Got lots of compliments and requests for where did you find the idea!

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Linda! I started the Twist & Pin when my hair was too short for a ponytail. As my hair grew I kept adapting it and creating new hairstyles x

  4. Ali says

    Wow this is awesome! i have crazy curly hair and have been looking for something to do with it for senior prom, but most styles involve a crazy amount of flat ironing and curling which i don’t like doing because it kills my hair. this is perfect! thank you

    • Hair Romance says

      Thanks Ali! This would be gorgeous and you definitely don’t need to restyle your curls for this. Enjoy your prom xx

  5. Marcella says

    Hi hon, I used your twist n pin hairstyle for my son’s wedding this summer and it was perfect! I had tons of compliments and it was extremely easy to do. I think it looked better than the professional hairstyle I had for my other son’s wedding 2 years ago. My curly hair looks close to the same curl type as yours but not as long and I accomplished it with no problem. Thank you for your hair blog and posting this simple yet elegant hairstyle.

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