Hairstyle tutorial – Half crown braid

Hair Romance - half crown braid hairstyle

This easy braided hairstyle gives you the best of both worlds. You can wear your hair out but also keep your hair back from your face. If you have a fringe or bangs your can leave them loose or pin them back with bobby pins.

Half Crown Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Hair Romance hairstyle tutorial - half crown braid


This easy braided hairstyle work in curly and straight hair. I wore this style in my wavy hair that you can see in my outfit post.

You’ll need two small clear hair elastics and bobby pins to do the half crown braid in your hair.

  1. Start by taking a 1-2 inch section of hair on one side of your hair above your ear. Split this section in three and make a braid (plait).
  2. Angle the braid back around your head and secure the end of the braid with a small clear hair elastic.
  3. Repeat on the other side, taking a section above your ear and making a braid (plait). Secure the end with a small clear elastic.
  4. Bring the first braid across the back of your head and pin in place with bobby pins.
  5. Cross the second braid over the first and tuck the end in behind the first braid. Secure in place with bobby pins.

Hair Romance - half crown braid

Styling tips

  • Use small hair elastics as they are easier to hide in the finished hairstyle.
  • Stretch out your braids before pinning them in place. This emphasises the shape of the braid and makes your hair look thicker.
  • If you hair is long you can fold the braids in half before pinning them at the back of your head.

Thank you for your lovely comments on my first outfit post and on facebook! I hope you try this hairstyle too. Let me know how you would wear it!

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  1. Avery Davids says

    Wow ! So pretty! I admire your work . I think that style resembles the one Beca had in pitch perfect . I’m not really sure . But keep up the fantastic job :)

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