Game of Thrones Hairstyles – Sansa Stark braid tutorial

Hair Romance - Game of Thrones hairstyle tutorials - Sansa Stark - braids

Game of Thrones is one of my favourite series. If you haven’t seen it, where have you been?

Don’t worry, I won’t reveal any plot spoilers in my Game of Thrones hair tutorial series. While the hairstyles are an integral part of the show, you can trust I’ll only share tutorials and similar hairstyles you can do in your own hair.

Let’s get one thing clear first up about the hairstyles on Game of Thrones – pretty much everyone is wearing a wig or a hairpiece. And did you know it takes 2 hours every day to style Khaleesi’s hair? That’s incredible!

So if you’ve got a long, thick, platinum wig and a few spare hours we can definitely do some Khaleesi hairstyle tutorials. Otherwise, let’s be real about how the finished styles are going to look in your hair.

Though you might just be lucky and have amazing hair. That’s why I’ve teamed up with the beautiful sisters, Ainslie and Meredith Young, who are the namesake of Young The Label. Their long red hair inspired this hair series. I’ll be posting a new Games of Thrones hairstyle tutorial every day this week.

Now if you’re only starting to watch the show, you’ll recognise this hairstyle that Sansa Stark wears in series 1.

Game of Thrones hair tutorials - Sansa Stark braids

This is an easy double French braid hairstyle that doesn’t require any added hairpieces. This is the perfect hairstyle to start my Games of Thrones tutorial series.

Game of Thrones Hairstyles – Sansa Stark braid tutorial

Hair Romance - Game of Thrones - hairstyle tutorials - Sansa Stark braids


  1. Part your hair in the centre, then make another part on the left to create your braid section. You want this section to be just wider than an inch.
  2. Starting at the front of your section, split your hair into three and begin to French braid. Cross the right over the middle and the left over the right. Then add in hair to the next section as you cross it over the middle.
  3. Continue to French braid, making sure to only add in hair from the braid section. Continue the French braid until you reach the crown of your head.
  4. At the crown, stop French braiding and continue in a normal braid (plait). Secure the end of your braid with a small, clear hair elastic.
  5. Repeat on the other side. Make a mirror image French braid finishing in a regular braid.
  6. Now twist the braids together. Wrap the braid together to form a twist and secure the ends with a small clear hair elastic. You can now remove the elastics from the individual braids.

Hair Romance - Game of Thrones hairstyle tutorials - Sansa Stark braids
Hair Romance - Game of Thrones hairstyle tutorial - Sansa Stark braids
Hair Romance - Game of Thrones hair style tutorials - Sansa Stark braids

Game of Thrones Hairstyle Tips

  • For this style, you can wear your hair straight, wavy or curly.
  • Use small elastics so they don’t stand out in the finished style.
  • You can also wrap a piece of hair around the elastic on the twisted braids to cover it.
  • This hairstyle is great if you’re growing out a fringe/bangs. Curl the ends of your hair under slightly before you begin to that the ends don’t poke out of your braids.

Hair Romance - Game of Thrones hairstyle tutorials - Sansa Stark braid

Here’s the next Game of Thrones hairstyle tutorial inspired by Cersei Lannister.

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones? Who’s your favourite character? (Please make sure you don’t leave any plot spoilers in the comments!)

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  1. says

    AWESOME!!!! Love. She actually looks heaps like Sansa! Did you know that the actress who plays Sansa kept her wolf in real life for a pet?

    • Hair Romance says

      Are you serious? That’s so cool! I think Ainslie looks like Sansa too. She & Meredith and their gorgeous hair inspired this Game of Thrones series x

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