5 tips for better braids

Hair Romance - 5 tips for better braids

Want to be a better braider? Here are some quick and easy tips to help you braid your hair.

Braiding is one of my all-time favourite hairstyling techniques because it’s so versatile. What’s more, with shows like Game of Thrones, Hunger Games and Frozen using braids so much, these styles are really becoming one of the most popular ways to wear your hair at the moment. Which is really lucky because I reckon I wear braids four days out of seven, and sometimes even more.

I’m self-taught and I’m not that coordinated. So if I can do it, I know you can too.

1. Start with a simple style

Believe it or not, but fishtail braids are one of the easier braids to do. Check out my fishtail braid tutorial and try it yourself.

Or play around with the classic 3 strand braids (plaits) to create styles like this easy braided updo tutorial.

Once you’ve mastered these styles you can start building on your braiding skills and try more complicated styles.

2. Embrace messy hair

Your braids aren’t going to be perfect first time and that’s ok!

I personally think messy braids look better as they look more modern and less child-like. Who cares if there are layers poking through your braids, just go with it. I bet you’ll get a compliment on your new style 😉

3. Dirty hair is my dirty secret

Braids are better in dirty hair. Seriously.

If your hair is too clean and soft, it won’t stay in place and will fall out of your braid. I use a texture spray or volume powder to mess up my clean hair if I want to wear a braid.

On dirty hair, I just spray a little dry shampoo on the roots and let the braids cover up the rest. It’s a perfect style solution for those days when you really should have washed your hair.

4. Practice

I know this isn’t a quick tip, but it is easy.

It’s a fact that the more often you do something, the better you become at doing that thing. So if you want to be a better braider, keep practising.

Don’t wait until you’re about to go out to try that new braid. Next time you’re watching TV, practise braiding your hair. You’ll be surprised at how fast you improve.

5. Experiment

Some of my best braids have been complete accidents.

I’m always looking for inspiration and trying new styles. Check out my Braid Romance board on Pinterest and follow these inspiring hair accounts on Instagram for ideas.


I love braids so much that I wrote a whole book about them. My 30 Braids in 30 Days ebook teaches you all the different classic braid styles plus has over 30 step-by-step tutorials for braiding your own hair. Get braiding here.

What’s your tip to be a better braider?

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  1. says

    I can relate to the accidental braid. And then it’s so hard to recreate it, because you’re not exactly sure how you made it in the first place!

  2. says

    I love love love the look of braids, but my hair is super thin, so whenever I want to try a new style with a braid, I always feel like I don’t have enough hair to work with. Also I am very hair challenged, which doesn’t help the situation. Any suggestions?

    • Hair Romance says

      Hi Becca, check out this fishtail braid I did with my friend who has super fine hair. My trick is to use volume powder to stretch out your braid to make it look thicker. It really works and makes such a difference. You can also use dry shampoo in your hair before your braid for more texture. Hope this helps! Christina xx

  3. says

    I love braids too! I’ve started wearing them almost every day of the week. I feel more pulled together, and downright fancy, with a braid than I do with a bun. And the hiding of the dirty hair is magic! xo

    • Hair Romance says

      Same here Gracie, a braid always looks like I’ve gone to more effort but they really just hide my dirty hair. Love it! x

  4. says

    I swore to myself last year that I would learn to braid, but in the end, I just hacked off all my hair instead!

    I’m back in Australia, the land of expensive haircuts, though, so my locks are about to get a whole lot longer. You’ve inspired me to start trying again. ^^

    • Hair Romance says

      Haha, Australia is the land of expensive everything! I’m planning some braid tutorials for shorter hair too that might be good for you too xx

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