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Diane Kruger - Fine hair braids

Do you find your braids slip out of place? Brenda sent me a lovely email: I love the braid book! It is fantastic and has totally inspired me. I never really mastered the french or reverse french braid until your instructions. But I have a dilemma. I can never manage to get the braid to [...]


Over 15 ways to style a donut bun - Hair Romance

How many ways can you style a donut bun? A lovely reader Mili asked for some new ideas for wearing a donut bun. She describes her hair as shoulder length and thin and would love to know more interesting ways to style her donut bun. Well, it’s no secret I’m a big fan of bun [...]


Hair Romance - Ultimate holiday hair guide

Here is your Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide to keep your hair looking its best, and giving you hairstyle ideas for every lunch, dinner and holiday get-together. From picnics to parties, here’s everything you need to have a good hair day. Caring for your hair Good hair days start with looking after your hair. Are you [...]


3 tips for a better blowdry (blowout)

by Hair Romance on November 20, 2013 · 9 comments

in Hair Style Advice

Hair Romance - 3 tips for better blowdries

I love getting my hair blowdried. Don’t get me wrong, I love my curls too, but going to the salon and walking out with a smooth, classic blowdry is one of my favourite things. I try and replicate the look at home but it’s never the same. Now just to clear up any potential confusion [...]


Hair Romance - multi braid updo

When I wear a braided updo, people automatically think I’ve made a huge effort with my hair. It’s really not the case at all! What they don’t realise is that for messy hair, updos are much quicker and easier than wearing your hair down. It’s true! If you’ve got curly or wavy hair, the effort to [...]


Say thank you…no buts

Brought to you by Schwarzkopf I want to set you a little challenge for today… Do you like to receive compliments? Sure we all do, but how do you receive them? We’re always told to say thank you when people pay us a compliment, but so often we follow it up with a ‘but’. As [...]


How to fix dry hair - Hair Romance

We all want our hair to be soft, healthy and shiny but you won’t believe how common it is to have dry hair. The lovely Sophia of the fab fashion blog Moulin Frock emailed me for help with her dry hair. She has beautiful thick hair and has lighter ombre colour on the ends. Q: [...]


Hair Romance Braid Bar

Want to learn to braid with me? I’m teaching a special braiding class at the Braid Bar! For the longest time I’ve had this idea but I had no idea how to organise it. Then I met with the fabulous Jaclyn of Blog Society and she made it happen. (She also blogs at Little Paper [...]


How to tell if a celebrity hairstyle will suit you

Most of us find new hairstyle inspiration from celebrity pictures or magazines, but how can you tell if that style will suit you? First things first, try the thumb trick. The Thumb Trick Put your thumb (or fingertip) over the celebrity’s face and really take a look at the hairstyle. Do you really like the [...]


My top 3 braids tutorials

by Hair Romance on October 10, 2013 · 4 comments

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Hair Romance easy braided ponytail hairstyle

I love braids. They’re such a versatile hairstyle, and the same technique can give you so many different looks. I can’t quite remember where my interest in braiding started. I had long hair when I was young and I think I learnt to braid my hair for dance classes because my mum didn’t know how [...]